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Message from Ronnie Fraser
I was assured yesterday by Steve Sinnot, General secretary of the NUT
this is not NUT policy and this was a message from Birmingham NUT
branch to
Sue Blackwell.

Please can you circulate this

Ronnie Fraser

Academic Friends of Israel

The previous statement was -
NUT statement of support for the AUT boycott and of Sue Blackwell

Manchester Zionist Central Council Media Response Group

The ZCC is associated with the Zionist Federation

Firstly may I say a sincere thank you to all those from around the world
who have given their support to the effort to overturn the AUT academic
boycott of Haifa and Bar Ilan universities. It has been a heart-warming
experience to recieve so many messages of support and to have so many
international academic bodies affiliating themselves with this campaign,
and with the universities affected by the proposed boycott.

The NUT (the National Union of Teachers - another UK trade union) has
sent the following email to the AUT and it was circulated in an email
from Sue Blackwell

"NUT congratulates the AUT Council in their decision to boycott
particular Israeli Universities because of their discrimination against
Palestinians. We deplore certain sections of the media for their
allegations of anti Semitism and blatant distortion of the Union's
motives. We further deplore the personalized attack on and the
harassment of Birmingham AUT member, Sue Blackwell, who moved the
motion, and offer our support to her and all members and employees of
Birmingham University AUT and employees of Birmingham AUT Regional

Birmingham AUT is sending nine delegates to the special meeting, the
original three who voted for the boycott, an additional three who
support the boycott and three who are against it.

Below are the motions being put to the special meeting.
It appears that even if area AUTs have voted against the boycott in
their local area meetings, their delegates are not bound to vote in
accordance with those votes, yet another example of the lack of
democracy in the AUT.

I am currently awaiting a response from yet another university teachers'
Union to see what their attitude is to the boycott.

Joy Wolfe


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