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Dear Israeli Academics working for Academic Freedom

I am a Jew with most of my family living in Israel, many of them academics. Therefore, the vote for a boycott by the AUT after such a disreputable and propagandist 'debate' (with no possibility of contrary views being
expressed) sickened and terrified me.

Your advertisement in today's Times and Daily Telegraph is a model of dignity, logic, courtesy and humanity. What you say is irrefutable to all but the most hardened and prejudiced (of which there are many amongst the left and (il)liberals in the UK). Nobody with a shred of decency in their being could fail to be moved by your argument.

I wish you every possible success in your admirable aims and am proud to be able to consider myself connected to what you represent.

Yours sincerely

Rebecca Goldsmith
41 Valiant House
Vicarage Crescent
London SW11 3LU


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