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I was disturbed to hear that the NATFHE Coordinating Committee at the
University of Brighton has made the unprofessional and ill-informed
decision to support the AUT boycott of Bar Ilan University and the
University of Haifa. I append to this text, my message to the AUT
concerning their boycott. I do hope that you will consider carefully,
the consequences of your committee's action, as it is likely to have far
more negative impact upon yourselves and the integrity of NATFHE than it
will upon the Israeli universities in question. Currently, the American
Association of University Professors (AAUP) http://www.aaup.org/, the
Middle East Studies Association (MESA) http://fp.arizona.edu/mesassoc/
and other respectable organizations have come out against the AUT's
decision (see e.g. http://www.aaup.org/newsroom/press/2005/AUT.htm and
http://fp.arizona.edu/mesassoc/CAFMENAletters.htm#051305AUT). I am
afraid that the ground is soft beneath your feet and you will soon be up
to your ears in the mud that you have made for yourselves.

Stanley Dubinsky
Professor of Linguistics and English
Book Review Editor, Language


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