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For your information, I have sent the following letter to AUT.

To My Academic Colleagues in AUP

I have just heard about the Organization’s decision to boycott Haifa and
Bar Ilan Universities from intellectual exchange and colleagueship
except for those of particular ideological persuasion. I think that
Professor Raven put the issues and the bases for our shock and dismay
most effectively. I have given, over many years, invited lectures at Bar
Ilan University, and to international, regional and local meetings in
Israel. I have also worked with outstanding scholars in Israel as well..
My interaction and professional contact with Academics there has always
been of the highest and most creative quality, most honest and most
principled, despite any personal differences Years ago, I was honored
with “Fellow” status in your Royal Society of Medicine, and in that
spirit I would hope that you would rescind this decision and preserve
the integrity of the academic world community.

Sincerely yours,

Robert K Leiner, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Temple University

700 Elkins Ave, B-1
Elkins Park PA 19027


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