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>TO: British Association of University Professors
>>Sally Hunt, General Secretary
>>Angela Roger, President
>>Brian Everett, Assistant General Secretary for International Affairs

Following up on my earlier communication, I was very pleased to hear
that on May 26 you will reconsider and debate what to so many of us
seems a discriminatory and prejudicial boycott of Bar-Ilan and Haifa
Universities. I am sure that by now you have received numerous
communications protesting you earlier ill-considered actions---including
organizations such as the American Association of University Professors,
the American Sociological Association, the American Political Science
Society--and these will likely be followed by several organizations of
which I am aware, including the American Psychological Association, the
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, and others.

I hope at your next meeting you will allow for due process by permitting
the targets of your boycott, Bar-Ilan University and Haifa University,
to answer your charges against them. Perhaps you might also discuss
your selection of these two universities for boycott, while overlooking
so many others who are guilty of very extreme violations, encouraging
murder, terrorism, criminalization of alternative religions, subjugation
and crimes against women, child bondage, ...

Since my last communication, I have been pleased and honored to accept
an invitation to join the Bar-Ilan International Board for Academic


Bertram H. Raven, Ph. D.
Professor of Psychology, U.C.L.A
Former visiting professor, London School of Economics


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