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Update: AUT Boycott
Dear all,

As you may know from my e-mail and press coverage, the Association of
University Teachers (AUT) voted on 22nd April to boycott two Israeli
universities. The boycott motion was passed by a mere four-vote
majority, and those opposed to the boycott were not allowed to speak.
Since then, the AUT has been internationally condemned and some of its
most prominent members have resigned in protest.

The Warwick branch of the AUT has taken the bold and honourable decision
to reject the boycott.

Warwick AUT has been joined by only two other AUT branches in taking
this step, and will undoubtedly come under pressure for having done so.

Please take a moment to thank Warwick AUT for rejecting this boycott by
sending an e-mail to Dr Anne-Marie Greene at president@warwickaut.org.uk
(please use your university e-mail account).

This need only be a short message, but when writing it you may wish to
bear in mind that:
- Rejection of the boycott was not a pro-Israel move, it was a move to
defend academic freedom. Academia is the one medium that is supposed to
transcend all conflicts, and in shutting the door to dialogue, the
national AUT has betrayed the very principles that it purports to
- On 26th May there will be a national AUT meeting at which it will be
proposed that the boycott be withdrawn nationally before it even comes
into effect. Warwick AUT members will be there and our messages of
support will encourage them to be vocal.

One of the Israeli universities (Bar-Ilan) affected by the AUT's boycott
has set up an excellent website with information and resources:

Thanks for your help - I'll let you know what happens!



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