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Haifa University and sarcasm. On May 23, Dr. Irene Lancaster responds to the article at http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,3-1623448,00.html

The Letters Editor

Dear Sir

What a timely breakthrough by Haifa University, who have apparently discovered the secret of how to recognise sarcasm and irony.

No doubt Haifa University will have the last laugh when the AUT is presented with a huge bill by Anthony Julius of Mishcon da Reya (also Princess Di's divorce solicitors) for trying to boycott such significant and useful research.

Now we know what the AUT stands for. Haifa hopes to cure autism by this groundbreaking research. Serves the AUT right for taking themselves so seriously!

Best wishes

Dr. Irene Lancaster
Centre for Jewish Studies
University of Manchester
Oxford Rd
Manchester M13 9Pl


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