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Dear Honored Colleagues

We read with interest the press reports of your decision to write to the British Association of University Teachers (AUT) concerning their boycott of Haifa and Bar-Ilan Universities, and thank you for your support. Your open letter expresses the wishes of all those who recognize the importance of safeguarding academic freedom everywhere in the world.

As you state in your letter, "there is nothing more intrinsic to the academic spirit than the free exchange of ideas. This fundamental enables us to share our views, advance our thinking, challenge our premises and bridge our disagreements."

The International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom (IAB) is dedicated to guaranteeing the academic freedom of Bar-Ilan, as well as of other Israeli and non- Israeli institutions of higher education

The IAB has clearly stated that “scholarship and research, the open and free exchange of ideas are the foundation of civilization. Without them there can be no true advancement of human knowledge. They require, Israeli law demands, and Israeli universities provide an environment which totally rejects any discrimination based on race, sex, ethnic affiliation, religion, political belief and sexual or other mores.”

We hope that, together, we can persuade the AUT to revoke its decision to boycott our university. We invite you to join the IAB, and help us to ensure both that the current boycott movement is defeated and that any further attempts to use this weapon against institutions of higher education and academic freedom are unsuccessful.




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