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Dear Madam President

I do hope common sense will prevail at your meeting and that the AUT will
not be forced into a suicidal situation by the relatively small number of
anti Israel fanatics among your membership.
The fact that over 49,000 people have signed anti boycott petitions and
without exception local AUT branches appear to have come out against the
boycott should send a loud and clear message to the leadership.

The one amazing thing we have to thank the AUT boycott voters for is the
fact that it has brought so many of us together in the common cause of
fighting this damaging boycott.

Israel has so much to offer and it is ridiculous that a small number of
people should try to stop academics from furthering research, and
interacting with whom they please.

Tomorrow is a make or break day for your Union.
Let's hope it is not the latter
Joy Wolfe


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