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In the following pages you will find the full IAB member list which currently consists of 823 members! Click on a letter below to present the names starting with that letter.

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Abramovici-Lam, Sanda
Keren Kayemet Le Israel in Peru, Executive Director
Ambassador for Israel, Hasbara Internet Group, Member
Vonlunteer Translator, Take-A-Pen Web Page       
 Lima, Peru

David Abulafia, Ph.D
Professor of Mediterranean History
Chairman of the Faculty of History
University of Cambridge, UK

Achiman Yoav
Professor of Physics
University of Wuppertal

Adelman, Jonathan R.
Professor, Graduate School of International Studies
Ph.D. Political Science
Columbia University , USA

Albert Steven M
Associate Professor of Clinical Sociomedical Science
Sociomedical Science, Neurology
and the Sergievsky Center
Gertrude H. Sergievsky Center
Columbia University

Alderman Geoffrey
Middlesex University

AlMubarak Khalid , Ph.D
Associate Professor
University of Khartoum , UK

Altman Zvi
Harvard Law School

Anisfeld Moshe
Professor of Psychology
Yeshiva University

Antinucci Steven
Academic Director
Yeda Plus

Appelbaum Paul S
M.D. A.F. Zeleznik Professor and
Chair of Psychiatry
Director of the Law and
Psychiatry Program
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Apter-Klinghoffer Judith
Princeton Research Forum
Senior Research Associate
Department of Political Science

Arbiser Jack
Associate Professor
Emory University

Armus, Seth
Associate Professor of History
St. Joseph 's College

Aroni Samuel
Professor Emeritus

Arthur Mikaila
Instructor of Sociology
New York University and Queens College , CUNY

Ascheim Deborah. D
Assistant Professor of Medicine & Public Health
Columbia University, USA

Ashkenazy Yosef
Ph.D, Lecturer
Ben-Gurion University

Avidan Alexander
Medical Doctor
Hadassah Hebrew University Medical School

Baars Bernard J, PhD
Consciousness & Cognition
Science & Consciousness Review
Affiliated Research Fellow
The Neurosciences Institute

Babich, Harvey, Ph.D
Professor of Biology,
Stern College for Women
United States

Prof. Anne Bayefsky
Touro College Law Center
Hudson Institute NY
United States

Bash Leslie
Ph.D, Principal Lecturer in Education
Anglia Polytechnic University,

Bard, Mitchell G., Ph.D
Executive Director
American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE)

Barnett Malcolm
MA, Senior Writer
Marketing Consultant

Baruch Yuval
Israeli Technion

Beck Edward S., Ed.D., CCMHC, NCC, LPC
President Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
Alvernia College and Susquehanna Institute

Beck Gusztav J.
MD Clinical Professor of Medicine
Retired, School of Medicine
New York University

Ben-Amos Dan, PhD
Professor of Folklore,
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
University of Pennsylvania, USA

Ben-David Udi
Ben-Bassat Ron
UT Alumni
Hofstra Law
University of Texas
Hofstra University School of Law

Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto
Former president of the international
association of Jewish lawyers and jurist

Beresteanu Arie
Assistant Professor
Duke University

Berg Gerald M,
Professor and Chair,
Department of History
Sweet Briar College
Virginia, USA

Bergelson Vitaly,  Ph.D
Professor, Department of Mathematics
Ohio State University,United States

Berger David E
Broeklundian Professor of History

Bergoffen Celia
Fashion Institute of Technology,

Berkovitz Jay
Professor of Jewish History
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Bernstein David E.
George Mason University
School of Law

Bernstein Ronit

Blattberg Charles
Associate Professor
of Political Philosophy
Department of Political Science
Universite de Montreal

Block Toby F.
Senior Academic Professional
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Georgia Institute of Technology

Bloomfield Sonia , Ph.D
Professor, University of Brasilia

Blumenthal David R.
Emory University, USA

Blumenthal Tuvia
Professor Emeritus
Ben Gurion University,

Borensztajn Jayme, MD, D.Phil
Northwestern University

Borwein Jonathan
Ph.D, Canada Research Chair, FRSC
Dalhousie, Canada

Branski David
Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School

Brenner Gabrielle
Associate Professor of Economics
Institute of Applied Economics

Brenner Gabrielle
cole des Hautes ֹtudes Commerciales

Brodsky Lic. Patricio A.
Sociologist, Professor - Researcher
University of Buenos Aires, Argentine
Holocaust's Museum of Buenos Aires, Argentine
Introducer of The Radio Program "Con Versa Sion"
(With Zion's Speech)
Radio Kesher ( www.radiokesher.com )
Personal Website - http://www.gratisweb.com/patriciobrodsky/  (only available in Spanish)

Bronner Simon J
Distinguished University Professor
of American Studies and Folklore
Editor, Encyclopedia of American Folklife
Brooklyn College
Graduate Center
City University of New York

Brumer Paul
University Professor
University of Toronto

Burrows Brian
Professor of Mathematics
Staffordshire University, UK

Calo' Emanuele
Chief, International Legal Studies Bureau
Italian National Notaries Association
Member, American Society of Comparative Law
Member Associazione Italiana Diritto Comparato

Catignani Sergio
King's College London

Carew Tom, Prof
National University of Ireland

Carr Claudia
Associate Lecturer
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Chayen Naomi
Ph.D, Principal Research Fellow
Imperial College London

Chebat Jean-Charles
Professeur titulaire/Chair Professor
Chaire Omer-DeSerres
HEC Montreal, Canada

Chesler Phyllis
Ph.D.City University
of New York (Emerita)
SPME Board of Directors

Chiel Hillel
Case Western Reserve University

Citovsky Vitaly
York Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
State University of New York

Cohen Ariel, Ph.D
Senior Research Fellow
The Heritage Foundation,United States

Cohen Ben, M.A.
Director of European Affairs
Anti-Defamation League
New York , United States

Cohen Bernard, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus
University of Pittsburgh,USA

Cohen Jack
Visiting Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Faculty of Medicine
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Cohen-Solal Joel
Ph.D, Research Associate
Columbia University NY

Cohen Lloyd R.
Ph.D. (economics) J.D.
Professor of Law
George Mason University
School of Law

Cohen Lucille
MA, Hon Research Fellow
University of Manchester
Centre for Jewish Studies

Cohen Myron
Columbia University

Cohen Noy
Biology/Computer science
Tel-Aviv University

Cohn John R.
M.D.Clinical Professor of Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Thomas Jefferson University

Cohn Theodore
Political Science Department
Simon Fraser University

Prof. Tova Cohen
Department of the Literature of the Jewish People
Bar-Ilan University

Contreras-Lichtenberg Ruth
Ph.D. University of Vienna
Vienna Natural History Museum
SPME European Coordinator
Board of Directors

Coren, Richard, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus
Drexel University, USA

Crammer Bernard , Ph.D
Patent Consultant
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Crick Bernard
Emeritus Professor, Sir Bernard Crick
Fellow of Birkbeck College London University
Fellow of University College London

Cycowicz Yael
Ph.D, Research Scientist
Columbia University

Dauber Kenneth, Ph.D
English Professor
State University of NY at Buffalo, USA

Daum Robert , Ph.D
Asst. Proffesor
Diamond Chair in Jewish Law & Ethics
The University of British Columbia

David Jonathan
Assistant Profesor of Clinical Medicine
Columbia University College of P&S

Prof. Michael Daxner
Universitat Oldenburg
Magna Charta Observatory
Bologna, Italy

De Madariaga, Isabel
Emeritus Professor of Russian Studies
University of London

Denn Morton
Albert Einstein Professor of Science and Engineering
Benjamin Levich Institute, City College of New York

Domb Uriel
Adjunct Professor
York University

Dreizen Paul
Professor of Medicine
State University of New York
Downstate Medical Center

Druyan Leonard
Columbia University

Dubinsky Stanley
Professor of English and Linguistics
Linguistics Program/English Department
University of South Carolina
SPME Board of Directors

Edinger Henry
Associate Professor
New Jersey Medical School

Edward Alexander
Professor, Member Association
of Literary Scholars and Critics,
National Association of Scholars

Ehrlich Carl S.
Coordinator of Religious Studies
Division of Humanities
York University

Ehrlich Isaac
Distinguished Professor of Economics
State University of New York at Buffalo

Eichler Jerry
Ben Gurion University

Eisen Joel
Assistant Professor
University of Toronto

Eisen Moris, Ph.D
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Roger Ellul-Micallef, Professor
Rector, University of Malta

Epstein Alek
Department of Sociology & Political Science
Open University of Israel
Chais Center , Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Epstein Joshua
Professor of Medicine
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Erlich Ziv
Political Science
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Erez Edna, LL.B, Ph.D
Professor of Justice Studies
Kent State University, USA

Erman Howard
MA, Speaker
Retirement, Advisory Speakers Bureau

Ershkowitz Herbert, Ph.D
Professor of History
Temple University, USA

Eylath Amnon
MA, Lecturer in Biotechnology
Biotechnology Program
Moorpark College

Fajardo Frederick , Ph.D
University of British Columbia

Falter Gideon
University of Warwick

Feld, Steven , MD
Clinical Asst. Professor of Medicine
University of Texas Medical School ( Houston )

Feldman Alex
MA, Engineer

Feldman, Louis, Ph.D
Professor of Classics
Yeshiva University

Feldman Israel-Bernard, Ph.D
Responsible of Academic Cathedra in Israel
UNITWIN Program on Violence (UNESCO)

Felus Yaron
Associate Professor
Ferris State University

Fine Pincha

Finkelstein Ludwik
Professsor Emeritus, Senior Research Fellow
City University London

Fischbach Ruth
Professor of Bioethics
Director of Columbia University
Center for Bioethics

Fleischner Marc
Adjunct Professor, Computer Science
Rowan University

Flicker Yuval
Department of Mathematics.

Flicker Omri, LLB
Fordham Law School .

Fligg David
Ph.D , Senior Lecturer in Composition & History
Leeds College of Music , UK

Franks Paul
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
& Jewish Studies Programme
University of Toronto

Fraser Ronnie
Director, Academic Friends of Israel (AFI)
Mathematics Lecturer, Barnet College , London
IAB, Corresponding Academic Secretary

Friedman Allon
MD Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Division of Nephrology,
Indiana University School of Medicine

Friedman Richard A. ,
PhD Associate Research Scientist
Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
Lecturer, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Columbia University Medical Center

Frisman Ilya
M.Sc. Chemical engineer

FuredyJohn J. Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
University of Toronto, Canada
Cross appointed, Center for Brain Research
Ege University , Turkey

Garb Erica
Association for the Advancement
of Adult Education

Gat Shimon
Ashkelon Regional College

Gehr Ronald
Associate Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering
McGill University

Geifman Anna, Ph.D
Department of History
Boston University
United States

Gélinas-Chebat Claire
Département de Linguistique
et Didactique des Langues
Université du Québec à Montréal

Gerber David , PhD
Professor of History
Department of History
University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Gerber Jane
University of New York

Gershon Baskin, Ph.D
Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information

Gerson Susan , MA
Fairleigh Dickinson University
United States

Gerstenfeld Manfred, Ph.D
Chairman, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA)
Jerusalem, Israel

Gil-White Francisco, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania, United States

Gilboa Eytan, PhD
Professor , Director of the PhD Program
Department of Political Studies &
Communications Program
Senior Research Associate, BESA Center for Strategic Studies Bar-Ilan University
Visiting Professor
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California

Giliya Ziva
MA, Executive Director

Ginat Joseph
Ph.D.Vice President and Director
of the Strategic Dialogue Center
Netanya Academic College ,and
Co-Director ,The Center for Peace Studies,
The University of Oklahoma

Giorgio, Israel
Full Professor
University of Rome "La Sapienza"

Gittlen Barry
Professor of Biblical
and Archaeological Studies
Baltimore Hebrew University

Glauberman George
University of Chicago

Glied Sherry
Professor and Chair
Health Policyand Management
Mailman School of Public Health
Columbia University

Godard Ellis
Assistant Professor
California State University Northridge.

Goldberg Robert
Ph.D, Senior Fellow
Manhattan Institute for Policy

Golden Peter B.
Professor of History
Rutgers University

Goldstein Julius L.
Adjunct Professor
Washington University

Goldman Marshall, Ph.D
Davis Professor of Russian Economics, Emeritus
Wellesley ַCollege
Associate Director, Harvard
United States

Goldman Merle
Professor Emerita
Boston University
United States

Gonen Alaluf Liraz
College of Management

Gorny, Yosef
Tel-Aviv University

Green Linda
Columbia University

Grimes Mike, MA
Miami Dade College
United States

Grinberg Jaime
Associate Professor
Educational Foundations
FacultyAdvisor, NJNER
Montclair State University

Gross J L ,Professor
Department of Computer Science
Columbia University
New York , NY 10027

Grossman Ashley
Queen Mary, University of London

Grossman Danny
Director, Israel office
American Jewish Congress

Grossman Erin
Washington BLVD, USA

Grözinger Karl E.
School of Jewish Studies
University of Potsdam , Germany

Grunberg Jorge
ORT UruguayUniversity .

Gutherc Miriam
Department of Computer Science
Touro College

Gutin Gregory
Royal Holloway
University of London

Jackson Bernard, Ph.D
Professor of Jewish Studies
Centre for Jewish Studies
University of Manchester, UK

Hakim Simon
Professor of Economics
Temple University .

Halper Edward , Ph.D
Professor of Philosophy
University of Georgia , United States

Hartevelt-Kobrin Nancy,
Ph.D., L.M.F.T.
Psychoanalyst (Private Practice)
& Clinical Faculty
PsychiatryTraining Program

Haskel Jonathan
Queen Mary, University of London

Hecht Michael , Ph.D
Professor , Department of Chemistry
Princeton University, United States

Heicklen Alice
Ph.D, Lecturer
Colombia University

Heidt, Robert
J.D Univ of Wis Law School; BA Univ of Wis-Madison
Professor of Law
Indiana University-Bloomington

Helman Ilan
Ramat Gan Law College

Hertz Rosanna
Luella LaMer Professor

Hinich Melvin
Universitiyof Texas

Hirsch Bruce
Associate Professor
Drexel University College of Medicine

Hirsh David, Ph.D
Lecturer, Sociology Department
Goldsmiths College, University of London

Hochberg Jeffrey
MA, Electrical Engineer
Florida International University .

Hodge Carl
Associate Professor
Director of International Relations
University of British Columbia-Okanagan , Canada

Horn Evelyn , M.D
Associate Professor
Columbia University,United States

Hornstein Henry , Ph. D.
Senior Technical Consultant
CGI (formerly Concordia University)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hunter Scott J
Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
University of Chicago

Hyman Charles
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Israeli Talia

Israeli Zeev
MA, Indusrtial Management

Professor R. F. Itzhaki
Facultyof Life Sciences
University of Manchester

Izenberg Samuel O.
Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst
Member, Ontario Medical Association
Member, College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
Fellow, Royal College of
Physicians of Canada
Member Toronto Societyfor
Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Izenman Alan , Ph.D
Professor , Department of Statistics
Temple University,United States

Jacobson Judith S.
Vice President SPME and Coordinator,
Columbia SPME Chapter
Department of Epidemiology,
Mailman School of Public Health

Jackson Bernard, Ph.D
Professor of Jewish Studies
Centre for Jewish Studies
University of Manchester, UK

Johnson Robert David
Brooklyn College ; Graduate Center
CityUniversity of New York

Julius Anthony, Adv. Ph.D
Mishcon de Reya, Summit House
Visiting Professor
Birkbeck College
University of London
United Kingdom

Kahn Howard
Heriot-Watt University

Kaissar Eliran
Political Science

Kaplan Todd
Ph.D, Reader in Economics
University of Exeter .

Kaplan Jonathan
Editor in Chief UC Davis Law Review
University of California Davis

Kaplan Edward H.
Professor of Management Sciences
William N. and Marie A. Beach
Professor of Public Health
Yale School of Management
Yale School of Medicine

Kaplan Andrey
The University of Birmingham

Karsh Efraim
Professor of Mediterranean Studies
King's College, University of London

Kasher Asa ,
Laura Schwarz-Kipp Professor
of Professional Ethics and
Philosophyof Practice
and Professor of Philosophy
Tel-Aviv University
Winner of the Israel Prize 2004 for Philosophy

Kashiv Yoav
University of Chicago
Hebrew University

Professor David Katz, MD
Department of Immunology & Molecular Pathology
University College London
United Kingdom

Katz Ilan
University of New South Wales

Katz Jeanne, Ph.D
Senior Lecturer and Director of Post-Graduate Studies
The Open University
Walton Hall, United Kingdom

Katz Jerrold , Ph.D
Professor (former)United States

Katz Jerrold
Associate Professor

Katz, Lewis R.
John C. Hutchins
Professor of Law
and Director
Foreign Graduate Studies

Kedar, Mordechai, Ph.D
Dept. of Arabic and BESA Center
Bar-Ilan University , Israel

Kellman Michael, Ph.D
Professor of Chemistry
University of Oregon
United States

Kellner Menachem, Ph.D
Professor of Jewish Religious Thought
University of Haifa

Kerner Richard , Ph.D
Universit ? ? Pierre-et-Marie Curie (Paris-VI) , France

Khasanov Anatoly
University of Wisconsin
Department of Anthropology

Klausner Samuel Z.
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
The University of Pennsylvania

Goldie Klugman, Ph.D
American professor of political science
American government and International Relations

Kohn Meir, Ph.D
Professor, Department of Economics
Dartmouth College
Hanover, Germany

Kolinsky Martin
University of Birmingham

Kontorovich Eugene
Assistant Professor
George Mason University School of Law

Kontorovich Vladimir
Professor of Economics
Haverford College
Haverford, USA

Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, Ph.D
Professor of Christian-Jewish Studies
Seton Hall University
Director, Committee for Jewish Empowerment and Continuity
American Jewish Congress
United State

Kowall Neil
Boston University

Prof. Martin Kramer
Senior Associate Emeritus
The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies
Tel Aviv University

Krasnogor Natalio
Ph.D, Lecturer, Assistant Proffesor
University of Nottingham

Kunjappu Joy, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor
Columbia University, Yeshiva University and Brooklyn College

Kushne Boris A. r, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics
A Member of the International PENClub
A Member of the Federation of Writers of Moscow, Russia
Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Ladenson Joyce
Professor Emerita
Michigan State University

Lancaster Irene
Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester , UK

Landes Richard
Ph.D. Boston University
Department of History
SPME Board of Directors

Lankin Eric , Rabbi Dr.
Independent R esearcher
United States

Lapidot Bob
MA, Director of Int. Relations
Israel Academyof Sciences & Humanities

Lasson Kenneth
Professor of Law
University of Baltimore
United States
Director, Israel Summer Law Institute

Lebowitz Joel L, PhD
Professor. Director, Center
for Mathematical Sciences Research
Rutgers, The State University
Piscataway, NJ 

Gerry Leisman
F.E. Carrick Institute for
Clinical Ergonomics, Rehabilitation,
& Applied Neurosciences
Professor, Rehabilitation Sciences
Leeds Metropolitan University &
Prof. Univ Haifa

Leiwy Daniel
Senior lecturer
University of Westminster

Ler Elen

Lerman Robert, Ph.D
Professor of Economics
American University
Massachusetts United States

Lerner Igor
Professor of Theoretical Physics
University of Birmingham

Lerner Berel Dov
Ph.D, Lecturer
Western Galilee Academic College .
Lesser A. Harry
MA, Senior Lecturer
University of Manchester

Levi Rafael
Ph.D, Assistent researcher
University of California , San Diego

Levin Yigal, Ph.D
Dr, Department of Land of Israel Studies
BIU, Israel

Levin-Waldman Oren M.
Professor, Graduate School
for Public Affairs
and Administration.
Metropolitan College of New York

Levinson Lev-Zion Mart ha , Ph.D
Ben Gurion University , Israel

Levy Daniel
Associate Professor
Department of Economics
Bar-Ilan University

Levy David
Ph.D, PhilosophyDepartment
University of Edinburgh

Levy Pierre
PhD, CRC, FRSC, Proffesor
Collective Intelligence Lab
University of Ottawa

Lew Virgilio
University of Cambridge .

Libgober A
Department of Mathematics
University of Illinois

Lipsky Rachel
Amherst, NY

Lisyansky Alexander, Ph.D
Professor , Physics Department
Queens College of the City University of New York

Longo-Adorno Massimo
Messina University, Italy

Lubet Steven
Professor of Law
Northwestern University

Ludman Mark
Professor of Pediatrics
Dalhousie University

Lyons Louis
Jesus College , Oxford University

MacEoin Denis, Ph.D
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom

Peter Magrath
President, National Association of State
Universities and Land Grant Colleges

Markner Reinhard
University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Marks Andrew
Professor and Chair Dept of Physiology
& Cellular Biophysics
Columbia University

Mayne Seymour
University of Ottawa


Meiksin Avery
Ph.D, Reader, School of Physics
University of Edinburgh

Ph.D, Research Contractor
University of Bologna

Merkel Sefi
Msc Eng.

Ph.D, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Widener University

Morris Don
Zinman college-Wingate

Morris Gordon , Ph.D
Cal Poly-Pomona, United States

Munger Michael, Ph.D
Professor And ChairPolitical Science
Duke University
United States

Neidle Stephen
University of London

Netanel Neil
Professor of Law
UCLA School of Law

Netter Itzchack
MA, Developmental Psychologiist

New Melvyn
Professor of English
University of Florida

Newmark Jeremy
Executive Director of the Jewish Leadership Council
United Kingdom

Newman David
Professor of Political Geography
Ben-Gurion University
Editor, International Journal of Geopolitics http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/14650045.asp

Neyfakh Alex
University of Illinois

Neuman Shlomo P.
Regents' Professor
Department of Hydrologyand Water Resources
University of Arizona

Neumann Walter D
Chair of Mathematics,
Barnard College

Nicholls Wlliam
Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies
University of British Columbia, Canada

Nolan Cathal J, Ph.D
Assoc Prof of History
Boston University United States

Oboler Andre
PhD Candidate
Computing Department
Lancaster University , UK

Orrelle Estelle, PhD
University of East London
United Kingdom

Ostroff, Maurice, M.Sc. (eng)
B.Sc. (maths and physics) M.Sc. (engineering)
Univesity of Witwatersrand
Former member of Technion board of governors, Israel

Otte,Thomas. G, Dr.
Associate Editor and Reviews Editor
Diplomacy & Statecraft
School of History
University of East Anglia
United Kingdom.

Ottolenghi Emanuele
Ph.D, Ginzburg Fellow in Israel Studies
The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Oz Effy
Professor of Management Science
& Information Systems
The Pennsylvania State University

Palmer Michael, Ph.D
Professor of Political Science
University of Maine
United States

Palmer John
Associate Professor of Economics
The University of Western Ontario

Peled Doron
Department of Computer Science
University of Warwick

Peltzman Sam , Ph.D
Professor Emeritus
University of Chicago, United States

Pepper Michael, FRS
Professor of Physics
Cavendish Laboratory
University of Cambridge UK

Pepys Mark
Professor of Medicine
University College London

Pearl Judea , Professor
Director, Cognitive Systems Laboratory
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Daniel Pearl Foundation

Pescovitz Ora
Professor of Pediatrics
Indiana University

Pessin Andrew , Ph.D
Associate Prof of Philosophy
Kenyon College, United States

Pious Richard
Barnard College

Polaner David
Associate Professor of Pediatric Anesthesia
University of Colorado
School of Medicine

Poller Nidra
MA, Independent Writer
Board of Directors, SPME

Pomeranz Krummel Daniel
Ph.D, Research Scientist
University of Cambridge
Medical Research Council

Pope Mark
Immediate Past-President
American Counseling Association

Pozo Perez David
MA, Assistant Proffesor
Dept Merdical Biochemistry& Molecular Biology
The University of Seville Medical School

Prantner Helmut A, M.A.
Section for International Law and International Relations
University of Vienna

Presby Leonard , Ph.D
Professor , Marketing and Management Sciences
William Paterson University,United States

Price John
Retired, UK

Prohovnik Isak
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Pundik Amit
University College London

Rachelson Patrici
Mantrise de sciences humaines cliniques
universit ? de Paris VII

Ramati Yaron
MD, PhD Philosophy

Raven Bertram H.
Professor of Psychology
University of California , Los Angeles

Raz Baruch, Ph.D
Professor, Tel Aviv University [Retired]

Raz Erez
biophysikalische Chemie

Reed Kathryn
MA,School of Journalism
University of Florida

Reidenberg Joel
Professor of Law
Fordham University

Reif Stefan
University of Cambridge

Reiss Philip
Department of Biostatistics
Columbia University

Renshon Stanley
Proffesor Director
Center for Pennsylvania Culture Studies
Ph.D. Program in Political Science
CityUniversity of New York Graduate Center

ReverbySusan M., Phd
Professor of Women's Studies

Richardson A.T.
MA, Facultyof Law
University of Sheffield , UK

Ripsman Norrin M.
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Concordia University Montreal , Quebec

Riskind John H.
Professor of Psychology,
George Mason University
Associate Editor:
Cognitive Therapyand Research
Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy

Ronen Yehudit, PhD
Senior lecturer
Department of Political Studies
BIU, Israel

Rosen Jeremy , Ph.D
Chairman of Faculty for Comparative Religion
F.V.G. Wirijk , Belgium , United Kingdom

Rosen Michael
Professor of Pharmacology
and Pediatrics
Columbia University

Rosenbloom David
Distinguished Professor of Public Administration
American University, United States

Rosenthal Abigail
Professor of PhilosophyEmerita
Brooklyn College of The CityUniversity of New York

Rothberg Paul
University of Rochester
School of Medicine.

Rothschild Jay
Assistant Clinical Proffesor
Colombia University
School Of Dental and Oral Surgery

Rothman Philip
Department of Economics,
East Carolina University

Rosen David M.
Professor of Anthropologyand Law
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Rubin Barry, Ph.D
Director, Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center
Interdisciplinary Center University
Visiting Professor, American University
Washington DC

Rubin Haya R
M.D., Ph.D.HMSA Chair
Healthcare Services
and QualityResearch
John A. Burns School of Medicine

Prof. Rubinstein Amnon, Ph.D
Professor of Law
Provost, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Former Israeli Minister and Knesset member

Rutland Suzanne D.
Associate Professor
University of Sydney

Rynhold Daniel, Ph.D
Lecturer, Dept of Theology and Religious Studies
King's College London, United Kingdom

Rynhold Jonathan
PhD London School of Economics (LSE)
Lecturer Dept of Political Studies, Bar Ilan University

Saad David
Professor of Information Mathematics
Aston University

Salzman Philip Carl
Professor of Anthropology
McGill University

Prof. Wendy Sandler
Sign Language Research Laboratory
Department of English Language & Literature
Faculty of Humanities
University of Haifa

Saidel William
Associate Professor of Zoology
Dept. of Biology
Rutgers University

Sapirstein Guy
The Trauma Centre

Savion Igal
Assistant professor
Louisiana State University .

Sazhin Sergei
Professor of Thermal Physics
School of Engineering
University of Brighton

Schecter Stephen, Ph.D
Professor, Dי‎partement de sociologie
Universitי‎ du Quי‎bec, Montrי‎al,Canada

Schiff Amira, PhD
Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation
Political Studies
Bar Ilan University

Schluger Neil W.
M.D. Chief
Division of Pulmonary, Allergy
and Critical Care Medicine
Associate Professor of Medicine
and Public Health
Columbia University College
of Physicians and Surgeons

Schwarz Freimann Yael, MA
Lecturer & Researcher
Political Science-International Relations
& Urban Studies, San Diego

Schwartz Howard, Ph.D
Professor of Management
Oakland University
United States

Small Charles Asher (D.Phil)
Professor of Social and Policy Studies
Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Yale University

Prof. Joshua Schwartz, Director
Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies
Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology
Coordinator, International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat-Gan , Israel

Schwarzschild Maimon
Professor of Law
University of San Diego
School of Law

Schoenfeld Stuart
York University , Canada

Segal Corin
Associate Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Selhub Jacob
Ph.D, Senior Scientist and Professor
Tufts University

Seligmann Herve, Ph.D
Department of Evolution, Systematics and Ecology
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Seter Ronit
Adjunct Professor
Johns Hopkins University

Shalen Peter
Professor of Mathematics
University of Illinois-Chicago

Shani-Tenenbaum Omri

Shapira Dan, Ph.D,
Dr, Near Eastern History
BIU, Israel

Sharon Boaz
Professor of Music
University of Florida

Sheldon John
MA, University of Reading

Shibi Haim

Shifrin Mark
B. Sc

Shlapentokh Alexandra
Department of Mathematics

Shlesinger Miriam , Ph.D
Dept. of Translation and Interpreting Studies
Bar-Ilan University

Schluger Neil
Associate Professor of Medicine and Public Health
Columbia University, United States

Schwarz Freimann Yael, MA
Lecturer & Researcher
Political Science-International Relations
& Urban Studies, San Diego

Shub Allen N
Professor of Management
College of Business and Management
Northeastern Illinois University

Siegelman Peter
Assoc. Prof. of Law
Univ. of Connecticut Law School

Silver, Phillip
Associate Professor
University of Maine
School of Performing Arts

Silverberg, Mark
MD, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
of Medicine and Surgery
University of Toronto

Simms Norman
associate Professor
English Department
Waikato University , New Zealand

Simon Rita, Ph.D
University Professor
American University , USA

Sinacore Ada L
Associate Professor
Dept. of Educational
and Counselling Psych.
Facultyof Education,
McGill University

Sjostrom William
Senior Lecturer in Economics
Centre for PolicyStudies
National University of Ireland , Cork

Slonimsky Alexandra

Smith Ian

Smithurst Michael
Ph.D , Lecturer in Philosophy
Retired, Southampton University , UK

Soetendorp Ruth
Professor of Intellectual PropertyManagement
Bournemouth University

Sokolow Moshe
Professor of Jewish Education
Yeshiva University

Solomon Allan , Ph.D
Professor, Physics Department
Open University, United Kingdom

Sonenshein Abraham L
Professor and DeputyChair
Department of Molecular
Biologyand Microbiology
Tufts University School of Medicine

Soskin Stephen L MA.,CertEd.,ILTM.,FInstTT
Principal Lecturer
Facultyof Leisure and Tourism
Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College
Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP11 2JZ
United Kingdom

Sosnik Alejandro
Ph.D, Pharmacist, Applied ChemistryDoctor.
University of Toronto

Squverer Amos
M.A Psychologie
Freelancer, Paris

Stampfer Meir
Chair, Dept Epidemiology
Harvard School of Public Health
United States

Stark Marvin
Professor Emeritus
Simon Fraser University

Steinberg Gerald M , Proffesor .
Editor, www.ngo-monitor.org
and Director, Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation
Political Studies, Bar Ilan University , Israel

Steinberg Theodore , Ph.D
Distinguished Teaching Professor
SUNY Fredonia, United States

Steiner Richard , PhD
Professor of Semitic Languages and Literature
Revel Graduate School, Yeshiva University
New York

Stekel Dov
PhD, Lecturer in Bioinformatics
School of Biosciences
University of Birmingham

Stern, Marc
Co-Director of Commission for Law and Social Action
National Headquarters Senior Staff
American Jewish Congress

Sternberg Ernest
Department of Urban & Regional Planning
Hayes Hall, University at Buffalo ,
State University of New York

Stiber Michael
Associate Professor
University of Washington, Bothell

Stone David H
Professor of Paediatric Epidemiology
Paediatric Epidemiologyand
CommunityHealth (PEACH) Unit
Yorkhill Hospital , University of Glasgow

Suedfeld Peter
Dean Emeritus of Graduate Studies and
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
The University of British Columbia

Swartz Norman
Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus
Simon Fraser University

Switzer Lorne
Professor of Finance
John Molson School of Business
Concordia University

University of Toronto

Thernstrom Stephan, Ph.D
Winthrop Professor of History
Harvard Universit
United States

Professor of History
McGill Univesity

Uran Emauel
MA, Physics

 Vardi Moshe Y.
George Professor in
Computational Engineering
Director, Computer and
Information TechnologyInstitute
Dept of Computer Science, Rice University

Velmans Max
Goldsmiths, University of London
Veltri Giuseppe
University of Halle , Germany

Vitenberg, Jerome, C. D
MA, DEI Bachelor & Master Degrees

Wachtel, Howard, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Goldey-Beacom College, United States

Wagner Leslie
The Higher Education Academy

Walker Lenore E.
Professor & Coordinator,
Forensic PsychologyConcentration
Center for Psychological Studies
Nova Southeastern University

Walker, ShirleyH
Rretired, United States

Warschauer Mark
Associate Professor of Education and Informatics
University of California , Irvine

Waxman Chaim I , Ph.D
Professor of Sociology and Jewish Studies
Rutgers University, United States

Weinberger Judah
Associate Professor of Medicine
Columbia University

Weinzweig. A. I.
Professor of Mathematics
University of Illinois at Chicago

Wienstein Gilbert
Associate Professor of Mathematics
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Weiss George Education
Ph.D, Reader
Dept. of EEE

Weisz Willy
Ph.D, Director of the European Center
for Parallel Computing at Vienna (VCPC)
University of Vienna, Institute for Scientific Computing

Weitsman Jonathan
Associate Professor

Werschulz Arthur G.
Professor of Computer Science
Fordham University

Wilczek Frank
Proffesor of Physics
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology (MIT)
Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004

Wolfe Brian
M.Phil, Trustee Open University UK
Industrial adviser University of Central Lancashire, UK

Wolfe, Joy
Life President, Manchester Zionist Central Council
Life President, Manchester Wizo
Chairman Manchester Balfour Trust
Vice Chair, Governors of Langdon College, Manchester
Journalist, Jewish Chronicle

Wolfe Michael
Professor of Medicine
Research Professor of Physiology
Chief of the Section of Gastroenterology
Boston Medical Center
Boston University School of Medicine
United States

Wolff Ran
Ph.D, Computer Science
University of Mariland, Baltimore County

Wosk Yosef
Simon Fraser University

Wurtele Eve Syrkin
Department of Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology
Iowa State University , USA

Yakobson Alexander
Professor of History
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Yeshurun Yosef
Chair, IAB
Rector, Bar-Ilan University

Yogev Dikla
Gan Hasomron

Yudayev Oleg
Computer Science
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Yudkin Michael
University of Oxford

Zar Jerrold, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus
Northern Illinois University, United States

Zarahn Eric
Assistant Professor
of Clinical Neuroscience
Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University College
of Physicians and Surgeons

Zaiats Gary
Chemical Engenireeng.

Zamir Gilad
Beer Sheva University

Zilbergeld George, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Montclair State University
United States

Zilbershats Yaffa, Proffesor
Dean, Faculty of Law
Bar Ilan University

Zuker Michael, P h.D
Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute , USA