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In the following pages you will find the full IAB member list which currently consists of 823 members! Click on a letter below to present the names starting with that letter.

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Calo' Emanuele
Chief, International Legal Studies Bureau
Italian National Notaries Association
Member, American Society of Comparative Law
Member Associazione Italiana Diritto Comparato

Catignani Sergio
King's College London

Carew Tom, Prof
National University of Ireland

Carr Claudia
Associate Lecturer
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Chayen Naomi
Ph.D, Principal Research Fellow
Imperial College London

Chebat Jean-Charles
Professeur titulaire/Chair Professor
Chaire Omer-DeSerres
HEC Montreal, Canada

Chesler Phyllis
Ph.D.City University
of New York (Emerita)
SPME Board of Directors

Chiel Hillel
Case Western Reserve University

Citovsky Vitaly
York Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
State University of New York

Cohen Ariel, Ph.D
Senior Research Fellow
The Heritage Foundation,United States

Cohen Ben, M.A.
Director of European Affairs
Anti-Defamation League
New York , United States

Cohen Bernard, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus
University of Pittsburgh,USA

Cohen Jack
Visiting Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Faculty of Medicine
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Cohen-Solal Joel
Ph.D, Research Associate
Columbia University NY

Cohen Lloyd R.
Ph.D. (economics) J.D.
Professor of Law
George Mason University
School of Law

Cohen Lucille
MA, Hon Research Fellow
University of Manchester
Centre for Jewish Studies

Cohen Myron
Columbia University,

Cohen Noy
Biology/Computer science
Tel-Aviv University

Cohn John R.
M.D.Clinical Professor of Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Thomas Jefferson University

Cohn Theodore
Political Science Department
Simon Fraser University

Prof. Tova Cohen
Department of the Literature of the Jewish People
Bar-Ilan University

Contreras-Lichtenberg Ruth
Ph.D. University of Vienna
Vienna Natural History Museum
SPME European Coordinator
Board of Directors

Coren, Richard, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus
Drexel University, USA

Crammer Bernard , Ph.D
Patent Consultant
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Crick Bernard
Emeritus Professor, Sir Bernard Crick
Fellow of Birkbeck College London University
Fellow of University College London

Cycowicz Yael
Ph.D, Research Scientist
Columbia University