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In the following pages you will find the full IAB member list which currently consists of 823 members! Click on a letter below to present the names starting with that letter.

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Kahn Howard
Heriot-Watt University

Kaissar Eliran
Political Science

Kaplan Todd
Ph.D, Reader in Economics
University of Exeter.

Kaplan Jonathan
Editor in Chief UC Davis Law Review
University of California Davis

Kaplan Edward H.
Professor of Management Sciences
William N. and Marie A. Beach
Professor of Public Health
Yale School of Management
Yale School of Medicine

Kaplan Andrey
The University of Birmingham

Karsh Efraim
Professor of Mediterranean Studies
King's College, University of London

Kasher Asa ,
Laura Schwarz-Kipp Professor
of Professional Ethics and
Philosophy of Practice
and Professor of Philosophy
Tel-Aviv University
Winner of the Israel Prize 2004 for Philosophy

Kashiv Yoav
University of Chicago
Hebrew University

Professor David Katz, MD
Department of Immunology & Molecular Pathology
University College London
United Kingdom

Katz Ilan
University of New South Wales

Katz Jeanne, Ph.D
Senior Lecturer and Director of Post-Graduate Studies
The Open University
Walton Hall, United Kingdom

Katz Jerrold , Ph.D
Professor (former)United States

Katz Jerrold
Associate Professor

Katz, Lewis R.
John C. Hutchins
Professor of Law
and Director
Foreign Graduate Studies

Kedar, Mordechai, Ph.D
Dept. of Arabic and BESA Center
Bar-Ilan University , Israel

Kellman Michael, Ph.D
Professor of Chemistry
University of Oregon
United States

Kellner Menachem, Ph.D
Professor of Jewish Religious Thought
University of Haifa

Kerner Richard , Ph.D
Universit ? ? Pierre-et-Marie Curie (Paris-VI) , France

Khasanov Anatoly
University of Wisconsin
Department of Anthropology

Klausner Samuel Z.
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
The University of Pennsylvania

Goldie Klugman, Ph.D
American professor of political science
American government and International Relations

Kohn Meir, Ph.D
Professor, Department of Economics
Dartmouth College
Hanover, Germany

Kolinsky Martin
University of Birmingham

Kontorovich Eugene
Assistant Professor
George Mason University School of Law

Kontorovich Vladimir
Professor of Economics
Haverford College
Haverford, USA

Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, Ph.D
Professor of Christian-Jewish Studies
Seton Hall University
Director, Committee for Jewish Empowerment and Continuity
American Jewish Congress
United State

Kowall Neil
Boston University

Prof. Martin Kramer
Senior Associate Emeritus
The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies
Tel Aviv University

Krasnogor Natalio
Ph.D, Lecturer, Assistant Proffesor
University of Nottingham

Kunjappu Joy, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor
Columbia University, Yeshiva University and Brooklyn College

Kushne Boris A. r, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics
A Member of the International PENClub
A Member of the Federation of Writers of Moscow, Russia
Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown