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In the following pages you will find the full IAB member list which currently consists of 823 members! Click on a letter below to present the names starting with that letter.

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Ladenson Joyce
Professor Emerita
Michigan State University

Lancaster Irene
Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester, UK

Landes Richard
Ph.D. Boston University
Department of History
SPME Board of Directors

Lankin Eric , Rabbi Dr.
Independent R esearcher
United States

Lapidot Bob
MA, Director of Int. Relations
Israel Academy of Sciences & Humanities

Lasson Kenneth
Professor of Law
University of Baltimore
United States
Director, Israel Summer Law Institute

Lebowitz Joel L, PhD
Professor. Director, Center
for Mathematical Sciences Research
Rutgers, The State University
Piscataway, NJ 

Gerry Leisman
F.E. Carrick Institute for
Clinical Ergonomics, Rehabilitation,
& Applied Neurosciences
Professor, Rehabilitation Sciences
Leeds Metropolitan University &
Prof. Univ Haifa

Leiwy Daniel
Senior lecturer
University of Westminster

Ler Elen

Lerman Robert, Ph.D
Professor of Economics
American University
Massachusetts United States

Lerner Igor
Professor of Theoretical Physics
University of Birmingham

Lerner Berel Dov
Ph.D, Lecturer
Western Galilee Academic College.
Lesser A. Harry
MA, Senior Lecturer
University of Manchester

Levi Rafael
Ph.D, Assistent researcher
University of California, San Diego

Levin Yigal, Ph.D
Dr, Department of Land of Israel Studies
BIU, Israel

Levin-Waldman Oren M.
Professor, Graduate School
for Public Affairs
and Administration.
Metropolitan College of New York

Levinson Lev-Zion Mart ha , Ph.D
Ben Gurion University , Israel

Levy Daniel
Associate Professor
Department of Economics
Bar-Ilan University

Levy David
Ph.D, Philosophy Department
University of Edinburgh

Levy Pierre
PhD, CRC, FRSC, Proffesor
Collective Intelligence Lab
University of Ottawa

Lew Virgilio
University of Cambridge.

Libgober A
Department of Mathematics
University of Illinois

Lipsky Rachel
Amherst, NY

Lisyansky Alexander, Ph.D
Professor , Physics Department
Queens College of the City University of New York

Longo-Adorno Massimo
Messina University, Italy

Lubet Steven
Professor of Law
Northwestern University

Ludman Mark
Professor of Pediatrics
Dalhousie University

Lyons Louis
Jesus College, Oxford University