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In the following pages you will find the full IAB member list which currently consists of 823 members! Click on a letter below to present the names starting with that letter.

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Andre Oboler
PhD Candidate
Computing Department
Lancaster University, UK

Orrelle Estelle, PhD
University of East London
United Kingdom

Ostroff, Maurice, M.Sc. (eng)
B.Sc. (maths and physics) M.Sc. (engineering)
Univesity of Witwatersrand
Former member of Technion board of governors, Israel

Otte,Thomas. G, Dr.
Associate Editor and Reviews Editor
Diplomacy & Statecraft
School of History
University of East Anglia
United Kingdom.

Ottolenghi Emanuele
Ph.D, Ginzburg Fellow in Israel Studies
The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Oz Effy
Professor of Management Science
& Information Systems
The Pennsylvania State University