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In the following pages you will find the full IAB member list which currently consists of 823 members! Click on a letter below to present the names starting with that letter.

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Rachelson Patrici
Mantrise de sciences humaines cliniques
universitי de Paris VII

Ramati Yaron
MD, PhD Philosophy

Raven Bertram H.
Professor of Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles

Raz Baruch, Ph.D
Professor, Tel Aviv University [Retired]

Raz Erez
biophysikalische Chemie

Reed Kathryn
MA,School of Journalism
University of Florida

Reidenberg Joel
Professor of Law
Fordham University

Reif Stefan
University of Cambridge

Reiss Philip
Department of Biostatistics
Columbia University

Renshon Stanley
Proffesor Director
Center for Pennsylvania Culture Studies
Ph.D. Program in Political Science
City University of New York Graduate Center

Reverby Susan M., Phd
Professor of Women's Studies
Wellesley College

Richardson A.T.
MA, Faculty of Law
University of Sheffield, UK

Ripsman Norrin M.
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Concordia University Montreal, Quebec

Riskind John H.
Professor of Psychology,
George Mason University
Associate Editor:
Cognitive Therapy and Research
Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy

Ronen Yehudit, PhD
Senior lecturer
Department of Political Studies
BIU, Israel

Rosen Jeremy , Ph.D
Chairman of Faculty for Comparative Religion
F.V.G. Wirijk , Belgium , United Kingdom

Rosen Michael
Professor of Pharmacology
and Pediatrics
Columbia University

Rosenbloom David
Distinguished Professor of Public Administration
American University, United States

Rosenthal Abigail
Professor of Philosophy Emerita
Brooklyn College of The City University of New York

Rothberg Paul
University of Rochester
School of Medicine.

Rothschild Jay
Assistant Clinical Proffesor
Colombia University
School Of Dental and Oral Surgery

Rothman Philip
Department of Economics,
East Carolina University

Rosen David M.
Professor of Anthropology and Law
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Rubin Barry, Ph.D
Director, Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center
Interdisciplinary Center University
Visiting Professor, American University
Washington DC

Rubin Haya R
M.D., Ph.D.HMSA Chair
Healthcare Services
and Quality Research
John A. Burns School of Medicine

Prof. Rubinstein Amnon, Ph.D
Professor of Law
Provost, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Former Israeli Minister and Knesset member

Rutland Suzanne D.
Associate Professor
University of Sydney

Rynhold Daniel, Ph.D
Lecturer, Dept of Theology and Religious Studies
King's College London, United Kingdom

Rynhold Jonathan
PhD London School of Economics (LSE)
Lecturer Dept of Political Studies, Bar Ilan University