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The double standards of those who suggest that they encorage exchange of ideas and academic curiosity are simply mind-numbing.

Political correctness has always been an insidious nuisance, capable of being bent into whatever shape serves the cause du jour. In the hands of those who purport to protect the Palestinean cause (whatever they might deem it to be), this seemingly harmless approach to the consideration of one's words has morphed into a formidable bludgeon inappropriately and unfairly applied to those who might not agree with a currently popular orthodoxy.

As professors, we have an obligation to confront our students - even if we confront them with a viewpoint not currently in vogue. Attempts to silence our colleagues based upon their location and/or religion is simply reprehensible. Bravo to Bar Ilan for calling attention to this shameful display by our English colleagues. I stand firmly with you on this issue. Thank you for the service you are providing.

Best regards-

Dr. Ronald Horner, DMA Frostburg State University Division of Performing Arts - Music Frostburg, MD 21532


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