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As I could not find the website of the Church of England, please forward the following letter.

Most respected members of the Church of England:

The Church of England has recently decided to divest from Israel. It's the absolute right of the Church to express its political views this way. However, this decision leaves me literally breathless.

Did you divest from the following countries?

1-China: where workers are exploited in the way Dickens described the exploitation of workers in 19th century England or Zola in France; where managers ignore the minimal norms of security in mines and factories, where pollution is not an issue, only profit maximization.

2-Saudi Arabia, where slavery is rampant, where women and dhimmis are treated like dust, where religious schools teach the hatred of Christians and Jews

3-Sudan, where close to two million people were displaced, thousands were slaughtered because they are Blacks and/or non-Muslims

and so on for most of the Arab world.

These are no rhetorical questions. Can you please inform me about the divestment plans? Or let me know where the information is available.


Jean-Charles Chebat, Ph.D., FRSC, FAPA, FSMA, DHC
Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Québec
Professeur titulaire/Chair Professor
Chaire de recherche ECSC
HEC Montréal
5540 avenue Louis Colin
Montréal (Qc).
H2T 3A7
tel: 1-514-340-6846
fax: 1-514-340-6097
email: jean-charles.chebat@hec.ca


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