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Dear Ms. Berresford ,

I want to thank you for your action in persuading the AAUP to postpone its
proposed conference in Bellagio on academic boycotts.   It is quite clear
from the make-up of the speaker list and from the focus on Israel that,
under the guise of disinterested academic inquiry, the conference was
intended as a back-door way of qualifying the unqualified stance that the
AAUP had recently taken against academic boycotts.  For some academics ,
when it comes to Israel , all their long cherished principles are thrown out
the window, and the values for which they presumably stand are distorted or
simply abandoned to advance a partisan anti-Israel agenda.

Thank you for standing up against such distortion.  Thank you for standing
up in favor of the academia we all respect.

Kenneth Dauber
Professor of English
State University of New York at Buffalo

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