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To: president@natfhe.org.uk; j.wilkin@coventry.ac.uk; pmackney@natfhe.org.uk; sally.hunt@aut.org.uk
Subject: Academic Boycott of Israel

An academic boycott of Israel would only serve to disgrace your organization in the eyes of honest people of all nations. One does not need a teacher’s certificate to be aware that Israel has fought against annihilation since inception acquiring territory in wars of self-defense. Israeli settlements dot barren hilltops often leaving rusting enemy artillery pieces in place, lest the world forget.

Steven Feld, MD, FACC

Medical Director, Heart and Vascular Diagnostic Clinics

Lufkin and Livingston, Texas

Clinical Asst. Professor of Medicine

The University of Texas Medical School (Houston)

American College of Cardiology Award for Cardiovascular Research (1995)


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