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Dear Mr. Wilkin,

To those of us who love justice it is distressing that NATFHE would be
considering a boycott against Israel.  Ever since the UN vote in 1947,
it has been clear that there is no other just and feasible peace plan
than partition and the independent self-determination of these two
peoples.  One society has fully accepted the principle of
self-determination, the other has not.  For nearly 60 years innocent
Israelis have been subject to barbaric attacks that aim to undermine the

Jewish state.  This state, like every other state, has a moral
obligation to protect its citizens.  To condemn Israel for fulfilling
this obligation is immoral in itself and, since no nation could
acquiesce in its own suicide, serves only to encourage Palestinian
atrocities and prolong the conflict.  On the contrary, the NATFHE should

direct all of its resources to condemning terrorism and to encouraging
the Palestinian government to prevent and punish immoral acts of its

Edward Halper
Professor of Philosophy
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

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