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Dear President Wilkin

I have been shocked to learn that your NATFHE organization university
and college lecturers union in Britain (NATFHE) is under pressure to decide
shortly to recommend that your 67,000 members boycott Israeli lecturers
and academic institutions that do not publicly declare their opposition
to Israeli policy in the territories.

This is an ill-advised motion that violates any principle of academic
freedom I know of. Academics in Israel cannot be held accountable for
distorted views the authors of the motion have about the State of Israel
and its policies. Do not let your respected organization be captured by
radical elements that want to attach to Israeli academics guilt by
association, especially since the authors of the motion have no
understanding of the real struggle going on in the Middle East between
Israel and the Palestinian terror organization. Would your organization
or university also boycott Spanish universities for holding on to
Andalusia, which Bin Laden alleges must be returned to the inhabitants of Al
Has it boycotted Arab academics for the 1948 attack on Israel by Egypt,
Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Arab Liberation Army, and the Holy
Army, or for the belligerence against Israel in 1967 by Egypt, Jordan,

Stop the madness. Foil the radicals' campaign against Israeli academics,
who deserve the same freedoms you and I have to write and have their
serve humanity through science.



Dr. Isaac Ehrlich, SUNY Distinguished       415 Fronczak Hall
Professor and Chair of Economics.           SUNY at Buffalo
Melvin H. Baker Prof. of American           North Campus
Enterprise. Director, Center of             Buffalo, NY 14260
Excellence on Human Capital &
Phone: 716-645-2121                
Economic Growth and Development.                     Ext 421 - Becky

Research Associate, NBER.                                      Fax:

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