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Dear Mr Hayes

Academic boycotts, such as that proposed against Israelis as a motion at
NATFHE, are entirely contrary to all legitimate, moral and ethical
conduct of academic affairs and should have no place in your union's
activities.  I very much hope that you will not disgrace and shame your
union and your office by allowing this motion or any similar motion
directed at academics from any country, to stand let alone be subject to
a vote.

Yours sincerely

Mark Pepys

Professor MB Pepys FRS
Head, Department of Medicine, Hampstead Campus
Director, Centre for Amyloidosis & Acute Phase Proteins
Royal Free & University College Medical School
University College London
Rowland Hill Street
London NW3 2PF, UK
tel +44 20 7433 2801; fax +44 20 7433 2803
email m.pepys@medsch.ucl.ac.uk
web www.ucl.ac.uk/medicine/amyloidosis

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