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Scholars for Peace in the Middle East Statement on Rescinding of AUT Boycott, The Impending NATFHE Boycott and the Hebrew University/Al-Quds Statements.

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, www.spme.net , a faculty academic organization of over 600 professors on 200 campuses worldwide, praised the recent rescinding by British Association of University Teachers of its boycott of two Israeli universities.

At the same time SPME warns of imminent threats to academic freedom and cooperation between Arab and Israeli scholars with the possible impending boycott action against Israeli scholars by another British Professors' Union, NATFHE, which meets this weekend. Also, the Palestinian Union of University Teachers and Employees has called for the dismissal of Al-Quds University President, Sari Nusseibeh for signing a cooperation agreement with Hebrew University President, Menachem Magidor.

"SPME is marshalling international faculty support against the impending NATFHE boycott action, as well a support for the courageous and bold statements by Presidents Nusseibeh and Magidor," remarked Edward Beck, SPME President.

"The ongoing calls for boycotts against Israeli academics and calls for dismissal of courageous cooperating Arab and Israeli scholars is antithetical to internationally accepted codes of academic freedom, scholarship and integrity and are perpetuated by opponents of a mutual genuine and lasting peace in the region," Beck added.

Sharing the AUT action with colleagues from Rutgers, Temple, Villanova, Rowen, Delaware Universities and Gratz College Philadelphia yesterday, Beck reminded those assembled of Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz's comments to students, faculty and community members at Columbia University last March, that if the Palestinians and Israelis declared a peace tomorrow, the war would still be raging on campuses.

Beck warns of a new form of terrorism, "academic terrorism," which seeks to unjustly isolate Israeli faculty and intimidate supportive faculty as a new form of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. "Despite resounding condemnations by international academic societies, professors' unions and faculty members of these academic boycotts, they will continue to emerge as a new expressions of 'The New Anti-Semitism,' to delegitimize Israeli scholars, educational institutions as instruments of the Israeli government...These actions must be seen for what they clearly are, acts of obstructionism to peace, understanding and cooperation...."

For More Information, call Dr. Edward S. Beck, 717-576-5038. ScholarsforPeace@aol.com


Scholars for Peace in the Middle East www.spme.net is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) independent, self-supporting charitable/educational organization. SPME relies solely on the contributions of its membership and community members. Suggested contributions are $50.00 or more for full time faculty, $45.00 or more for part-time or adjunct faculty and $18.00 or more from students. Contributions from community members and individuals sympathetic to SPME's mission are sincerely appreciated. Donation instructions, along with premium incentives are available at www.spme.net/donation.html
Thank you.


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