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The IAB calls on the Israeli government to reconsider the request of Ms. Sawsan Salameh - IAB Press Release 13 October 2006 (Hebrew Version Here)

NATFHE Motion 198C has Expired - IAB Press Release 11 June 2006

The IAB Commends the AUT for its Decision not to Endorse the NATFHE Boycott Resolution - IAB Press Release 30 May 2006

The Idea of a 'Grey Boycott' Represents an Insidious Threat to the World of Academia - IAB Press Release 29 May 2006 (Hebrew Version Here)

Open Letter to NATFHE members - IAB Press Release 26 May 2006

Rather than boycott, IAB suggests cooperation and dialogue at all levels of higher education - IAB Press Release 24 May 2006

IAB Warns a Silent Boycott Has Already Begun - IAB Press Release 17 May 2006

IAB Urges NATFHE to Withdraw its Motion to Boycott Israeli Scholars (Hebrew Version Here)

IAB Press Release - AAPG Bulletin, April 25, 2006

IAB commends the AAUP for its decision to postpone its planned conference February 2, 2006

Press Release 9 August 2005, Prof. Gerald Steinberg of Bar-Ilan University to address the NPC conference in the UK

Press Release 7 July 2005, International Conference

Anti-Boycott Triumph, 26/05/05 Hebrew: Anti-Boycott Triumph, 26/05/05

Bar Ilan University - Press Release 23 May 2005 Anti-boycott reaction Overwhelming

IAB Open letter, posted 22/5/05 on UK Times, Telegraph & Guardian

Press Release, Rector of Bar-Ilan University, 11/05/05

Press Release, Rector of Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew 11/05/05