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Campus Rabbi

The Campus Rabbi's office is responsible for a wide range of activities involving spiritual and religious life on campus. It holds a variety of spiritual activities for students, employees and the general public.

רב הקמפוס

Campus Rabbi Shlomo Shefer

Shabbat & Holidays

During the school year the Campus Rabbi’s office holds a monthly Shabbat event exploring a specific aspect of the Jewish experience. These events include guest lectures, prayers and Shabbat dinners. Many students take part in those events, cultivating a familial and vibrant social experience for all. 

Additionally, weekly Shabbat prayers take place in the main synagogue at the Ludwig and Erica Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies. Following Shabbat morning tefillot, the Rabbi holds a Kiddush, followed by a riveting lesson of the week’s Torah portion.

Numerous spiritual activities are also held around the high holidays, such as special prayer sessions for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, candle-lighting ceremonies for Hanukah, reading of the Megilah on Purim, baking Matzos for Passover, etc.  The most notable of these events is the Hoshana Rabbah Limmud night, attended by over 3,000 young men and women. The events include numerous lessons, culminating in a concert of prayers and spiritual songs. 

סטודנטים מכינים חלה


Torah Lessons

On weekdays, in between and after school hours, the Rabbi’s office holds Limmud Torah sessions in different frameworks, attended by hundreds. Some take place in on-campus cafes, in the Beit Midrash, and in the Midrasha for women. 

סטודנטים לומדים


Welcoming Shabbat 

Every Thursday afternoon the Student Union and the Rabbi’s office hold a Kabalat Shabbat event on the main campus lawn, with music and a D'var Torah from the Rabbi about the week’s Parasha. All attendants also enjoy a hot plate of homemade Cholent.  

סטודנטים מחלקים אוכל


On-Campus Marriage Registration 

The Campus Rabbi’s office is now providing an on campus marriage registration service. The actual registration is by the Ramat Gan Rabbinate but the entire process is conveniently done in the Rabbi’s office.


Weekly Torah & Science Newsletter

Every week BIU’s Faculty of Jewish Studies, along with the Shulman School for Basic Jewish Studies and the Campus Rabbi, distributes a printed newsletter, including thoughts and articles by BIU researchers, uniquely incorporating the principle of Torah and Science.  



For more information contact the Campus Rabbi’s office:


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Campus Rabbi