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Special Projects

Green Campus

On the green campus of Bar-Ilan University, there are over 130 acres of well-kept gardens and lush vegetation, irrigated in a smart and economical system. For the campus, there are facilities for collecting waste and transporting it for recycling, and the means of transportation on campus are electric and non-polluting. In addition, the university is active in various projects focused on sustainability.

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בריכה אקולוגית


Israeli Hope in Academia

"Israeli Hope in Academia" seeks to create encounters and discourse between diverse groups in Israeli society out of respect and tolerance, in order to bring about fundamental change in society. "Israeli Hope" at Bar-Ilan is part of the Israeli President's flagship national program that combines a scope of activities on the "new Israeli agenda", encompassing key social and economic fields: education, employment, sport, communications, leadership and academia, and more.

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תקווה ישראלית


Bar-Da'at - Bar-Ilan's Podcast App

Bar-Da'at, Bar-Ilan University's podcast app, was built for curious people who want to know more, on any subject in the world: How will quantum mechanics change the future and the concept of time, and what's so smart about smart cities? Why is Aristotle's 'ethics' considered the basis of Western philosophy, and did Maimonides really precede his time? How did Copernicus 'revolution affect our worldview, and what was in the Beatles' music that launched a new era?

The questions are fascinating, and the answers are even more fascinating, and they are all in Bar-Da'at, Bar-Ilan University's innovative podcast app, which combines significant knowledge and content in a wide range of fields.

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קרא עוד


The Coronavirus Era

COVID-19 posed difficult challenges for all of society, and as such Bar-Ilan University is committed to adapting to the new routine as an academic body and as an educational institution. As a research community, the crisis has created opportunities for research in diverse fields related to both the virus in particular and dealing with epidemics in general, new types of experiences and community involvement. Bar-Ilan's achievements during this period include scientific breakthroughs, new technological developments and analysis of the situation from varied and interesting angles.

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מדע ומחקר