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08.08.2022 | יא אב התשפב

Light Rail Construction

Updates on new traffic arrangements around the Bar-Ilan campus


Bar-Ilan University’s central location in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area has put it on the map of the purple line of the new light rail (now under construction), with two stations that will facilitate the commute to campus.

The two stations situated adjacent to the university – one by the main campus entrance (gate 1) and the other near the entrance to the north campus (gate 10) ­– will greatly improve accessibility to Bar-Ilan University. In many cases, the train will obviate the need to get to campus by private car and the electric propulsion will prevent much local air pollution and noise. However, until the end of construction, changes in traffic arrangements and disturbances are expected, and the university is preparing accordingly.

In recent years, the university management has worked with NTA, the government agency which oversees the light rail project in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, to minimize disruption and harm to campus operations, infrastructure and community. Once construction is completed, there will be convenient and low-cost access to Bar-Ilan University, via two light rail stations.

Construction in the vicinity of the university is expected to continue until 2026, in two phases: INFRA 1 (infrastructure) and INFRA 2 (rails and electricity). As part of the plans, new parking lots will be built on the north campus to replace internal parking spaces that the university had to relinquish.

Information about changes will be posted on the BIU website, the app, email, media, and signs around campus. The light rail construction will result in a welcome improvement in the commute to campus and in the environment.

The light rail, which is expected to carry up to 170,000 passengers daily from dozens of stations in the center, will ease traffic congestion and air pollution in the area. The train will have two carriages that will comfortably accommodate 350 passengers, and it will pass with a frequency of 3-6 minutes. The purple line, which will be 27 km long, will connect Tel Aviv-Yafo, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Givat Shmuel, Or Yehuda, Kiryat Ono, Yehud-Monson and the Modi'in region. The purple line will connect to the green line at the Lewinsky-Arlozorov station in Tel Aviv, and to the red line at the Yehuda Halevi-Allenby junction in Tel Aviv.

For more information on the purple line: