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05.01.2022 | ג שבט התשפב

Tu B'Shvat Webinar on January 18

The land of milk, honey, and solar power: Israel’s green energy goals and our chances of meeting them



Staying true to its ‘start-up nation’ reputation, Israel was once marked as a leader in solar technology innovation. While initially promoting the technology as a way to increase energy independence and security for itself, in the past two decades Israel became a global hub for those seeking sun-powered solutions to stave off the threats posed by climate change.

Despite its great promise, Israel today generates far less electricity from solar-based technologies than it initially hoped for, and is falling short of its environmental goals for the next decade. In this talk, featuring Dr. Elai Rettig, of the Department of Political Studies, we will discuss why Israel’s ‘solar boom’ fell short, why energy security considerations tend to triumph over environmental goals, and what technical and political challenges does Israel (and the world) still need to overcome to make the sun our leading source of energy.
The webinar will take place on Zoom, Tuesday, 18.1 at 19:00 Israel time. To connect