Lois Michal Unger

I wore a pleated skirt
From the kitchen you were attracted to me
from the table you were attracted to me
you ordered ice cream and hamburgers
and ice cream and french fries
and then ice cream again
Finally all the customers left
and I sat down at the table with you to count my tips
When you hired me, I'd sat down on your bed
Later you said – I thought you were a beatnik
that you wouldn't last 2 days

Lois Michal Unger’s poems have appeared in numerous literary journals both in Israel and internationally, including The Deronda Review, ARC,  Maggid ,  The Poem and the World –Seattle Sister Cities poetry Series Book I, and in translation in  Storie (Italy), Kilincs(Hungary). She has published six books of poetry.

BEATNIK first appeared in The Glass Lies Shattered All Around (Sivan Publications, 1999). 

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