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Vol. 1 - 1999

Welcome to the Home Page of Min-ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online.
        Min-ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online is a refereed scholarly journal published on World-Wide Web
        and sponsored by the Israel Musicological Society, its copyright owner. It includes articles, reviews, and readers'
        comments on any of its items.

        Min-ad (Hebrew for gamut) is aimed at a diverse community of music scholars. The Editor welcomes submissions
        in diverse areas of music research (among them historical, theoretical, analytical, ethnic, educational, and
        cognitive). Submissions that concern Judaic, Hebrew, or Israeli themes are particularly welcome.

        On the average, articles should not exceed 6,000 words and comments 2,000 words. See Guidelines for Authors for
        additional information on preparing and sending submissions.

        Min-ad includes solicited reviews (ca. 3,000 words) of publications and special musical events, with special
        attention  to Israeli publications and music performances. Scholars and musicians are invited to call the Reviews
        Editor's attention to publications and musical events of particular interest to readers of this Journal, and should
        request of their publishers to forward published materials, including books, musical editions, recordings, videos,
        and computer software to the Journal for review. Submissions should include retail price and the full address of the
        publisher. Please address all review materials and correspondences to:

        Irit Yardeni, Reviews Editor

        Min-ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online
        Dept. of Music
        Bar-Ilan University
        Ramat-Gan, Israel, 52900
        Fax: (972)-09-7496267

A Note on Our Logo

The Guidonian "hand," with notes and syllables written in Hebrew characters, is found in a Hebrew translation and adaptation by Judah b. Isaac (Provence? 14th-15th c.) of an anonymous elementary Latin treatise on musica plana. See Israel Adler, Hebrew Writings Concerning Music, RISM BIX2 (Munich: G. Henle, 1975), pp. 80-88. See also idem, "Le traité anonyme du manuscrit Hébreu 1037 de la bibliothéque nationale de Paris," in Yuval: Studies of the Jewish Music Research Centre, ed. by Israel Adler in collaboration with Hanoch Avenary and Bathja Bayer, vol. 1 (1968), pp. 1-47.

The "hand" is reproduced herein with the kind permission of G. Henle, Munich.

Lee Rothfarb, Editor of Music Theory Online, and Kerala Snyder, Editor of the Journal of Seventeenth-Century  Music, have provided helpful information, suggestions, and advice. 
Copyright © 1999 by the Israel Musicological Society. All rights reserved. This document and all portions thereof are protected by Israeli and International Copyright Laws. Material contained herein may be copied and/or             distributed for educational and research purposes only.
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