Program of the 1996 Annual Meeting, held on July 9th at Bar-Ilan University

9:30 Registration and Informal Gathering

10:15 Welcome Concert: Improvisations on Central Asian Modes
Prof. S. Tahalov and students of the Bar-Ilan Musicology Department

 10:30 Morning Session: Opera and the Human Voice
Chair: Edwin Seroussi, Bar-Ilan University

 Jean Swack (The University of Wisconsin)
Anti-Semitism at the Opera: The portrayal of Jews in the Singspiele of Reinhard Keiser

Eliezer Rapoport (Bar-Ilan University)
Emotional Expression Code in Opera and Lied Singing

Michal Grover-Friedlander (Tel Aviv University)
Voicing Death in Opera

13:00 Lunch

 14:00 Concert: The Nanjing Art Troupe--Traditional Chinese Music

 14:30 Business Meeting

 15:30 Afternoon Session: Jewish and Israeli Music
Chair: Dorit Tanai, Tel Aviv University

 Simha Arom (CNRS, Paris)
Liturgical Music of the Ethiopian Jews: Form and Structures

Ronit Seter (Cornell University)
National Style in Israeli Art Music

17:30 Closing Concert: "Hammers and Plectra"
Ahuva Babayoff-Kremer (Bar-Ilan University), fortepiano
Nina Sobelman (Bar-Ilan University), fortepiano and harpsichord

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