Program of the 1997 Annual Meeting, held on July 7th at Tel-Aviv University

9:30 Registration

10:00 Opening Concert
James Simon (1880, Berlin - 1944, Auschwitz):

Selected Songs
Gila Yaron--soprano; Allan Sternfield--piano

 10:30 Morning Session
Chair: Shai Burstyn, Tel-Aviv University

 Amatsia Bar-Yosef (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Temporal Organization and Spatial Perception in Inter-Cultural Perspective

Session A: Cantillation and the Oral Tradition

 Avishai Ya'ar (Tel-Aviv University)
Maqam, Directivity and Functionality in the Cantillation of the Aleppo Jews

Mira Spiegel (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
The Cantillation of the Mishnah: A Comparison of Ancient Manuscripts and the Living Traditions

Session B: Music Theory
Chair: Eytan Agmon, Bar-Ilan University

 Yossef Goldenberg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Prolongations of Dissonances in Tonal Music

Erez Rappoport (Tel-Aviv University)
Unconventional Recapitulations in the Music of Mendelssohn

13:00 Lunch

 14:00 Business Meeting

 15:00 Concert, Part 2
James Simon (1880, Berlin - 1944, Auschwitz):

 Lamento for Cello
Shmuel Magen--cello;

Sonata for Cello and Piano
Shmuel Magen--cello; Allan Sternfield--piano

 15:30 Afternoon Session: Music Theory
Chair: Ruth Katz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 Bella Brover (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Aspects of Tonal Language in Vivaldi's Concertos

Sarah Mandel-Yehuda (Bar-Ilan University)
Non-Modulating Slow Movements in Antonio Brioschi's Symphonies

Naphtali Wagner (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
The Songs of the Beatles: Musical Nihilism, or Lieder?

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