Adena Portowitz

Ph.D., Bar-Ilan University, 1995. 
Editor, Min-Ad, Israel Studies in Musicology online.

Musicologist with special interests in:

a) Classic Music (the late 18th century), Mozart and the development of the Classic concerto.
b) Biblical Themes in Classic Oratorios
c) Music and Cognition

Principal publications include: 

"A Profile of the Secondary Theme in the First Movements of Mozart's Early Concertos," Israel Studies in Musicology, 6 (1996): 33-58. 

"A New Look at the Authenticity Problem of the First Movement in Mozart's Wind Concertante, K. Anh. C 14.01 (K297b)," Orbis Musicae, 12 (1997): 217-31.

"Mozart's Piano Concerto in G-Major, K. 453 as a Model for Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto in G-Major, op. 58," The Beethoven Journal, 12 (Jan., 1997): 65-72.

“Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Orchestral Music." In Reader's Guide to Music: History, Theory, Criticism. Ed. Murry Steib. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2000, pp. 471-73.

“Art and Taste in Mozart’s Early Concerto Sonata-Rondo Finales: Two Case Studies,” Journal of Musicology 18 (Winter, 2001): 129-149.

 “Music Activities as a Cognitive Tool for the Enhancement of Analytical Perception, Comparison, and Synthesis for the Blind Learner,” E Journal New Horizons (July, 2001). 

 “Links between Structure and Expression in a Selected Group of Sammartini’s Middle and Late Symphonies,” in Studies on Giovanni Battista Sammartini and his Musical Environment. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepsols, 2002.

"The Metaphor of Light in Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio, The Creation (1797): A New Jewish Textual Source,” Musica Judaica, December, 2002. 

“The Jaffa Music Program: A Mediated Learning Experience,” in Teacher Education as a Social Mission: A Key to the Future, Achva College of Education, June, 2002. 

 “The Contribution of Music Education to the Development of Learning Skills among Young Children and Children with Down Syndrome,” in A Window of Opportunities. Ed. Pnina Klein and Varda Sobol-Rosental. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan: Reches, 2002. 

"The Recapitulation as Climax in the First Movements of Mozart's Early Concertos," Ad Parnassum. A Journal of 18th- and 19th-Century Instrumental Music, 2 (2003).


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