Adena Portowitz

Ph.D., Bar-Ilan University, 1995. Thesis title:”Mozart’s Early Concertos, 1773-79: Structure and Expression”

 Musicologist with special interests in:
a) Classic Music (the late 18th century), with special emphases on Mozart and the development of the Classic concerto, and interrelationships between expression and structure in Classic music.
b) Biblical Themes in Classic Oratorios
c) Music and Cognition

Editor, Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online.

Teaches Music History in the Interdisciplinary Department of the Humanities at Bar Ilan University.

Coordinator and principal investigator of the  The Jaffa Music Project: A Mediated Learning Experience sponsored by the Institute for Social Integration, Bar-Ilan University and the Jaffa Institute, Jaffa. The program aims to promote cognitive modifiability while providing cultural enrichment.

Principal publications include:

"A Profile of the Secondary Theme in the First Movements of Mozart's Early Concertos," Israel Studies in Musicology, 6 (1996): 33-58.

"A New Look at the Authenticity Problem of the First Movement in Mozart's Wind Concertante, K. Anh. C 14.01 (K297b)," Orbis Musicae, 12 (1997): 217-31.

"Mozart's Piano Concerto in G-Major, K. 453 as a Model for Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto in G-Major, op. 58," The Beethoven Journal, 12 (Jan., 1997): 65-72.

 “Art and Taste in Mozart’s Early Concerto Sonata-Rondo Finales: Two Case Studies,” Journal of Musicology 18(Winter, 2001): 129-149.

 “Music Activities as a Cognitive Tool for the Enhancement of Analytical Perception,
Comparison, and Synthesis for the Blind Learner,” E Journal New Horizons (July, 2001).

"The Metaphor of Light in Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio, The Creation (1797): A New Jewish Textual Source,” Musica Judaica, 16 (2001-2002):1-20.

“Mozart and Aristocratic Women in Salzburg: The Concerto for Three Pianos in F, K. 242 and the Piano Concerto in C, K. 246,” Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online, 2(2002).

“The Contribution of Music Education to the Development of Learning Skills among Young Children and Children with Down Syndrome,” in A Window of Opportunities. Ed. Pnina Klein and Varda Sobol-Rosental. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan: Reches, 2002.

“The Jaffa Music Program: A Mediated Learning Experience,” in Teacher Education as a Social Mission: A Key to the Future, Achva College of Education, June, 2002.

"The Recapitulation as Climax in the First Movements of Mozart's Early Concertos," Ad Parnassum. A Journal of 18th- and 19th-Century Instrumental Music, 2 (2003):7-20.

“Links between Structure and Expression in a Selected Group of Sammartini’s Middle and Late Symphonies,” in Studies on Giovanni Battista Sammartini and his Musical Environment. Brepols: Belgium, In Press.

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