Prof. Judith Cohen

Prof. Judith Cohen, Department of Musicology, Tel-Aviv University, specializes in
Renaissance and early Baroque music, and in the bibliography of Jewish music.

Main publications include a study and edition of the six anonymous L’Homme armé Masses (Naples, Bibl. naz., MS VI E 40) (1968,1981), Madrigals on Petrarch’s texts by Alfonso della Viola (1989), a critical edition of Paolo Quagliati’s Primo libro de’ madrigali a 4, 1608 (1996), and studies on imitation and emulation in music, especially in the works of Salamone Rossi and his contemporaries. A critical edition of Giovanni Ghizzolo’s Madrigale et Arie per sonare e cantare, Vols 1 & 2 (1609, 1610) is in press at A-R Editions.

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