Tel 'Eton is located in the trough valley, on the south-eastern part of the Judean Shephalah, just below the Hebron hills. The site is located in the midst of a large open area, settled by only a few small settlements (moshavim), and where ancient tells and Khirbets, hidden between fields and orchards, dot the landscape. Among the many well-preserved archaeological sites in this area, Tel 'Eton is prominent. The site covers about 15 acres, and is located some 11 km east-southeast of Tel Lachish (2 km to the south of Moshav Shekef). The ancient city is situated near an important junction between the north-south road that meandered along the trough valley connecting the Beersheba valley and the Ayalon valley, and the east-west road that connected the coastal plain and the Shephelah with Hebron, and which passed along wadi Adoraim. The site's location near large valleys also secured its proximity to fertile soils, increasing its economic importance.