The Expedition

In 2006 the BIU expedition initiated a large-scale excavations project at the tel and a survey of its surroundings. This is a long term project aimed to study the history of the site in relation to its surrounding, and is directed by Prof. Avraham Faust.

Pre-Excavation Investigation: Survey and Shovel Tests
A meticulous survey on the tel preceded the excavations, and was followed by shovel tests. The first stage in the project was a detailed mapping of the tel and its slopes (this was carried out by a team from Wheaton College, headed by Prof. Daniel Master and George Pierce). The tel was then divided into 39 sub-units, following the topography. Each of these units was surveyed separately by a group of surveyors, who collected all the finds from above the ground.
After the completion of the survey, shovel testing was done in each unit. The findings of the survey have indicated some differences between the various units, but in all of them the Iron Age II pottery was predominant.