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Gabriel Birnbaum, Maya Fruchtman, Ora Schwarzwald, Shimon Sharvit

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Hebrew Linguistics, Department of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, The Faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 52900, Israel

Manuscripts for Hebrew Linguistics should be submitted in duplicate, double-spaced, typed in Word. A Hebrew abstract should be attached to every English article, The editorial board is not obligated to return the manuscript.

Volume 45, November 1999


Esther Borochovsky and Pnina Trumer

From Formal-Syntactic Study to Semantic-Syntactic Study: The Scientific Achievements of Eliezer Rubinstein

Luba Charlap

On Some Types of Ambiguity in the Biblical Text: A Textual-Semantic Aspect Seen Through the Exegesis of Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra

Malka Muchnik and Hadassa Kantor

Personal Titles in Ultra-Orthodox Communication

Dorit Ravid

Derived Nominals in Modern Hebrew:

A Morphological Analysis

Isaiah Shen

“After strangling him, she quickly lay down on the floor”: Important Information Units in Literary Texts

Book Review


Efraim Nisan

Review of J.E. Hoch, Semitic Words in Egyptian Texts of the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period and

D. Sivan and Z. Cochavi-Rainey, West Semitic Vocabulary in Egiptian Script of the 14th to the 10th Centuries BCE

Volume 46, March 2000


Michal Ephratt

Definition of the Hebrew Root

Ron Kuzar

“Asrei hama’amin” and Similar Constructions in the Different Phases of Hebrew

Zohar Livnat

Punctuation as a Rhetoric Means

Maya Fruchtman

Language-Literature; Literature-Language: Intentions and Deeds


Book Reviews


Nasir Basal

Review of The Dawn of Hebrew Linguistics – The Book of Elegance of the Language of the Hebrew by Saadia Gaon:

Introduction and Critical Edition by Aron Dotan

Dalia Cohen-Gross

Review of A Bridge of Words by Gidon Avraham

Volume 47, June 2000


Noga Ilani

Internal Object in Modern Hebrew

Keren Dubnov

Synthetic and Analytic Possesives Pronouns Related to Nouns in Spoken Hebrew

Nissan Netzer

“Barosh shelcha litfos rosh tov?” – On the Semantic Development of the word “Rosh” (Head) in “Popular” Hebrew

Edit Doron

The Passive Participle

Galia Hatav

Time Movement in Biblical Hebrew

Bruria Margolin

On the Punctuation of Focalized Sentences in Hebrew


Book Review


M.Z. Kaddari

Review of Concordance to Nathan Alterman’s “Shirim Shemikvar” by Yaakov Bentolila and Aharon Komem

Volume 48, January 2001


Avi Gvura

The Asyndetic Conditional Clauses Used in Government Contracts

Yael Ziv


Discourse Markers in Colloquial Hebrew: The Case of Pashut

Velvl Chernin

The Krymchak Tradition of Hebrew Pronunciation

R. Landau

Rhetorical Syntactic Reduplication Used as a Linguistic Device

T. Peleg-Benyamini

to Express a Personal View in Meir Shalev’s Discourse “Bluid

E. Sher

Fate and Visionary Fate”

Tamar Zevi

Semantic Changes in the Language of the Law

Shimon Sharvit

Invocations for the Dead: Of Blessed Memoty


Book Reviews


M.Z. Kaddari

On Harduf’s Transliterated English-Hebrew Dictionary

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