Sarit Goldner

Education : 1998 -2001 Tel-Aviv University Ph.D. Economics (Supervisor: Prof. Zvi Eckstein) 1994 - 1998 Tel-Aviv University Master of Arts (M.A), Economics 1991 - 1994 Tel-Aviv University Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Economics
OTHER ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES 2008-2009 Member of the Young Scientists Forum, the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Publications : 1. "The Participation of Female Immigrants from the Former Soviet-Union in Vocational Training Courses In Israel", (joint with Zvi Eckstein), Israel Economic Review, 2003, Vol 1(1), pp. 25-54 (also published in Hebrew in the Economic Quarterly, 2001, Volume 48 (3)). 2. "Immigrants in the Israeli Hi-Tech Industry: Comparison to Natives and the Effect of Training", Research in Labor Economics, 2006, Volume 24, pp. 265-292. 3. "Mass Migration to Israel and Nativesí Employment Transitions", (joint with Daniele Paserman), Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2006, Volume 59(4), pp. 630-652. 4. "Evaluating Active Labor Market Policies for Female Immigrants", (joint with Zvi Eckstein), The Economic Quarterly (in Hebrew), 2006, Volume 53(3), pp. 440- 462. 5. †"Labor Mobility of Immigrants: Training, Experience, Language and opportunities", (joint with Zvi Eckstein), International Economic Review, 2008, Volume 49(3), pp. 837-872. 6. "The role of marriage in immigrantsí human capital investment under liquidity constraints", (joint with Chemi Gotlibovski† and Nava Kahana), Journal of Population Economics, Volume 22, Issue 4 (2009), pp. 983-1003. 7. "Estimating the Return to Training and Occupational Experience: The Case of Female Immigrants", †(joint with Zvi Eckstein), Journal of Econometrics, 2010, 156 (1), pp. 86-105. 8. "The Dynamic Impact of Immigration on Nativesí Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Israel", (joint with Daniele Paserman), European Economic Review, available online CHAPTERS IN BOOKS : 1. "Household Structure of Recent Immigrants to Israel" in Ira N, Gang and Gil S, Epstein, ed. (( 2010 "Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, Volume 8- Migration and Culture", Emerald Publishing, , pp.447-465. 2. "High skilled Russian Immigrants in the Israeli Labor Market: Adjustment and Impact" (joint with Yoram Weiss) in Barry R, Chiswick, ed, (2011) "High-Skilled Immigration in a Globalized Labor Market" Washington: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, pp 231-263. WORKING PAPERS : 1 "A Reevaluation of the Role of Family in Immigrants" Labor Market Activity: Evidence from a Comparison of Single and Married Immigrants," (2009) (joint with Chemi Gotlibovski and Nava Kahana) IZA Discussion Papers 4185 2. "The Dynamics of Inequality among Immigrants" (2009) The Maurice Falk Institute for Economic Research in Israel, Discussion Paper No. 09.01
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