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Shimon Rosevich

Higher Education:
1995 C.I.A. Certified Internal Auditor, U.S.A.
1989 Ph.D. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan. Title Of Thesis: The Connection Between The Budget Of Local Government And Municipal Elections.
1975 C.P.A. Certified Public Accountant.
1971 M.A. Business Administration, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1966 B.A. Economics And Business Administration And Political Studies, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.

Professional Experience
Academic Career:
2002- Head Of institute Of Local Government. Senior Lecturer, Part Time in Haifa University, Department Of Political Science, M.A. Graduate.
1996-1998 Senior Lecturer, Part Time in Recanaty Business School, Tel-Aviv University, M.A. Graduate
1997 Senior Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University.
1989 Lecturer, Department Of Economics And Political Studies, Bar-Ilan University.
1980-1988 Teaching Assistant, Bar-Ilan University.
1990-1992 Research Fellow, Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs, Daniel Elazar , President

Other Professional Experience
2003- Advisor to The University's Budget Committee, Appointed By The University's President.
2004 Member Of choosing employees committee in State Comptroller Office, and of Choosing Internal Auditor For The Knesset.
2000-2001 Representative Of The Senior Lecturers In Bar-Ilan Senate
1993-2000 Member Of Board Directors, Teacher's Organization.
1992-2000 Member Of Board Directors. Company Of Mizrahi Bank.
1991-1993 Supervisor Of Student For Ph.D. Thesis At The City University Business School, London. With Prof. George Selim From The City University.
1991-1993 Member Of Control Commission Of Wizo - Women's International Zionist Organization.
1980-1993 Member Of Certified Internal Auditor Commission Organization, Israel.
1984-1987 Vice President Of Certified Internal Auditor Commission Organization, Israel. (1,500 Members).
1980-1995 Member Of Professional Commission Of Certified Internal Auditor Organization, Israel.
1992-1993 Member Of Control Commission Of Israel Organization Of Political Studies.
1980- Member Of Several Commodious Of CPA Organization, Special Of Non-Profit Organization.
1988-1991 Consultant, Interior Ministry Office, Israel.
1977-1989 Head Of Department, State Comptroller Office, Israel.

1995 Prize From The Municipality Of Holon City (In The Memory Of Ailon), For The Monograph "Thesis In The Education Budget Of Israel In The 1980's". The Chairman Of The Committee Of Grant Was Prof. Sarid Maron, Manager Of The Central Of Technology Education In Holon.
1989 Ph.D. Thesis Received A Prize Of 3,000 $ From The Schnitzer Foundation , Bar-Ilan University.
1986 Local Government, 8th Conference Of Local Government Committee Of Grants: Professor Torgovnick, Professor Shachar And Dr. Peled For Publishing An Article.
1980 Prize From The State Comptroller Israel.
1969 Prize from The Hebrew University, Department Of Business Administration In Master Graduate.

Research Grants
1998 Grant from committee for advance research in Bar-Ilan University (2,200 $).
1993 Research Grant From Kasirer Fund, Tel-Aviv University. Subject: Accountant Dealings In Future Expenditures (With B.Z. Gal).
1992 Received Additional Grant From The Ministry Of Agriculture
1991 Research Grant From The Ministry Of Agriculture . Subject: Water Problem In The Local Government.

High Level Of Teaching, Received Several Letters From Bar-Ilan's Rector.

Courses Taught
Management Accounting; Financial Statement Analyzing (M.A. Courses); Finances In Local Government; Control Budgets In Public Organization; Seminar In Accounting; Seminar In Politics And Economics (M.A. Courses); Problems in Privatization (M.A. Courses);

Field Of Scientific Interest
  • Local Government
  • The Relation between Politics And Economic
  • Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Problems In Privatization

Internal Audit
From 1998 Responsible Of The Internal Audit Teaching, For M.A. Graduate In The Department Of Political Studies, 140 Students.

Supervisor of Students
  • Supervisor of 4 Students For Ph.D. Thesis
  • Supervisor of 20 Students For M.A. Thesis
  • Judging Of Two M.A. Thesis, Haifa University.
  • Judging Ph.D. Thesis, Haifa University.
  • Judging Ph.D. Thesis, Bar-Ilan University.
  • 16 Students Have Already Completed their M.A. Thesis…

Judging Of Proposal To Research And Promotion Academic
  • Judging Of Promotion To Senior Lecturer, Haifa University, Michlelet Natania.
  • Judging of several research Proposals to The Scientific Academy (Such As Prof. Dory From Mgamot, Economic Award By The Hebrew University.)
  • Judging Articles For Mgamot, Economic Quarterly.