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Prof. Warren L. Young


1966-70 B.Sc( Social Science- Polytechnic University, Economics) New York, USA
1971-74 Ph.D (Social and Political University of Cambridge, UK Sciences, Faculty of Economics)
Dissertation- Minorites and the Military: a cross-national study in world perspective (published as a book by Greenwood Press, USA, 1982)

Supervisor- Prof. Morris Janowitz Z"L , Pitt Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge and University of Chicago
Academic Appointments
1974-75 Lecturer, Sociology University of Maryland
1977-78 Adjunct Lecturer, Economics Ruppin College, Israel
1980-85 Lecturer, Sociology of Technology Holon Institue of Technology
1985-86 Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Economics University of Cambridge, UK
1986-87 Senior Lecturer, Economics Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
1991-92 Senior Lecturer, Economics Deakin University, Australia
1993-94 Adjunct Visiting Professor, Economics Ben Gurion University
1994-2007 Associate Professor, Economics Bar Ilan University
2007- Tenured Associate Professor, Economics Bar Ilan University
Other Professional Functions and Activities:
Academic Activities Former Consultant, Archives Project, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; Consultant, Prescott Papers Archive and Researcher, Center for Advanced Study, Arizona State Univ.; Economics Group History Project, Carnegie-Mellon University Scientific Committee, Guggenheim Program in History of Economic Thought Royal Economic Society(UK) and referee for Economic Journal History of Economics Society (USA and UK) and referee JHET Referee for: History of Political Economy, Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Macroeconomics, Cambridge University Press, University of Michigan Press, European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Monetary Economics, EJHET Former Symposia and Book Review Editor ,European Journal of Political Economy Former Book Review Editor, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development Editorial Board, Asia-Pacific Journal of Economics and Business Scientific Conferences and Sessions Organized International Conference: The Open Economy Macromodel- Past, Present and Future, 17-24 June, 2001, at Bar Ilan and Ben-Gurion Universities, Israel International Symposium: Perspectives on Keynesian Economics, 14-15 July 2009 at Ben Gurion University ( with Jimmy Weinblat and Arie Arnon) Rational Expectations: Retrospect and Prospect, ASSA Jan. 2011 (with Kevin Hoover) Warren L. Young Non-Academic Activities
1970 Economic Assistant, Ministry of Housing, Israel
1970- 1971 Economic Planning Authority, Israel
1970- 1971 Economic Adviser, Fuel Authority, Ministry of Finance, Israel
1971- 1974 Ph.D Research in United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada and USA, Sponsored by HumRRO, DOD(M&RA), Washington, DC
1974-1975 Hallam Research Scholar and Fellow, University of Nottingham, England
1976-1976 Visiting Research Fellow, Settlement Study Center, Israel
1976-1977 Special Economic Adviser- Economic Survey Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel
1977-1978 Director, Technological Forecasting, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel
1978-1980 Senior Research Fellow and Administrator, Research Department, Center for Technological Education, Holon, Israel
Research Grants and Awards
1972 Political Science Fund and Churchill College Grant, Cambridge
1987 Victoria University of Wellington Research Grant, NZ $10,000
1987 Faculty Research Award, VUW, NZ $5000
1987 Reserve Bank of New Zealand Research Grant , NZ$ 10,000
1992 Australian Research Council Grant, $15,000
1993, 2002, 2005 Royal Economic Society Research Grants 1500 Pounds Sterling
1995-1998 Internal Research grants, Bar Ilan University
Teaching Experience and Courses Taught At Bar Ilan University: Economics: History of Economic Thought (BA ,MA), Israel Economy (BA), Macroeconomics (BA)

Political Science: Programming, Planning and Budgeting Methods (MA)
At Ben Gurion University (1993-1994) Research Methodology, Macroeconomics
Main Research Activities and Interests History of Real Business Cycle models( with the assistance of Robert Lucas, Finn Kydland and Ed Prescott, Nobel Laureates; Energy Economics (Atomic Energy ); History of Research at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve; Cass-Koopmans (with Steve Spear, CMU); History of Economics Group, Carnegie-Mellon (with Steve Spear, CMU); Federal Reserve Bank Presidents as Public Intellectuals (HOPE Project, with Rob McGregor, UNC Charlotte)
Research Students, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral supervision and examination: Ph.D thesis supervision: Yehoshua Amrani (Political Science), Ph.D awarded. Bar Ilan (2004), (joint supervisor with Prof. Stuart Cohen, Political Science)

Eli Goldstein, , "Market Failure, Regulatory Failure, Myopia and Interest Groups in the Electricity Market", Ph.D awarded, Bar Ilan (2006)

Yaakov Yahav, Ph.D Thesis proposal "Electricity Regulation and Supply Reliability: the case of Israel" [Dept. of Industrial Management, Ben Gurion University, joint supervisor with Prof. Gideon Oron] Ph.D awarded (2008)
MA thesis supervision: Tamir Levy, M.A. Thesis "Compulsory Loans in Israel"
Eli Goldstein, M.A Thesis "The Development of Open Economy Macromodels"
Shlomi Zidki, M.A.Thesis, "Economic and Psychological Theories of Consumer Behavior"
Amir Hadad, MA Thesis, "The Laffer Effect and the Laffer Curve"
Sagit Cohen, "The Emergence of the Middle Class"
Yefim Bleich , "Seasonal and ARIMA models"
Post-Doctoral Supervision: Dr. Leshan Jin and Dr. Guo-wen Han, Kort Post-Doctoral Fellows, Bar Ilan
Present Ph.D thesis supervision Avner Shevach, Ph.D Thesis proposal, "Essays on Conspicuous Consumption and Conspicuous Production", proposal approved (2005) MA thesis supervision Yuval Rafael, "Benefit-Cost Analysis of Atomic Energy", proposal approved Yossi Gerisi , "The Optimum Growth Model: origins, development and impact": proposal approved Roi Frayberg, "Central Bank Capture in Times of Crisis", proposal approved MA and Ph.D Thesis Proposal Examination: Department of Economics, Bar Ilan University
School of Business Administration, Bar Ilan University
Interdisciplinary Studies Unit, Bar Ilan University
PUBLICATIONS UNTIL LAST PROMOTION Books- author (1) Minorities and the Military: a cross-national study in world perspective Greenwood Press, Westport, Ct. and London,1982,ISBN 0-313-22900-7 (2) Interpreting Mr Keynes: the IS-LM Enigma Polity-Blackwell, Oxford, England, and Westview Press,USA,1987,ISBN 0-7456-0405-6; Japanese translation , 1994 published by Taga-Shuppan (3) Harrod and his Trade Cycle Group: the origins and development of the growth research program Macmillan, London and New York University Press,USA,1989,ISBN 0-333-47019-2 (4) Oxford Economics and Oxford Economists (with Fred Lee) Macmillan, London,1993;ISBN 0-333-51362-2 Chapters in Books (1)"Full Circle on Business Cycles: lessons from the 1920s and 1930s" in Ingrid Rima, ed. The Political Economy of Global Restructuring: vol. 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Negishi, Tokyo, March 2006 Duke University and HOPE History of Thought Conference, April 2006 University of Washington Macroeconomics Seminar, Oct. 2006 USC/UCLA Macroeconomics Seminar, May 2008 Canadian Economic Association, June 2008 International Synposium, Perspectives on Keynesian Economics, July 2009 History and Philosophy of Economics International Workshop, Tel Aviv Univ., Dec. 2010 Other Refereed Academic Publications - Refereed Papers in Sociology and Anthropology (1)"Ibn Khaldun et l'etat Islamique" Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie 55,1973, pp.315-20 (2)"Multidimensionality and Minoriticity" Rivista Di Sociologia(Rome) 28,3,1974,pp.5-42 (3)"Urbanization and Social Stratification in Ancient Mesopotamia and Palestine" Anthropos 70,1-2,1975,pp.281-85 (4)"Black, Brown and Khaki: the New Commonwealth Immigrant and HM Forces" in C.Enloe, ed. 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