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3rd Scientific Conference Abstracs

The 3rd Scientific Conference of the Peleg-Bilig Center for the Study of Family Well-Being: Towards a Science of Couple Relationships

1. An Updated Theory of Romantic (Pair-Bond) Attachment
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Phillip R. Shaver  
2. Attachment Theory: A Guide for the Science and Practice of Couples Therapy
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Susan M. Johnson  
3. Attachment and Loss: Implications on Close Relationships Throughout the Life Cycle
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Rachel Levy-Shiff & Shlomit Lehman  
4. The Role of Attachment in Several Developmental Tasks
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Ruth Sharabany  
5. Expanding the Self and Including Other in the Self in Close Relationships
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Arthur P. Aron  
6. Couple and Family Relationships in the Mirror of Self-Psychology
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Pinchas Noy & Dorit Noy-Sherb  
7. Recent Advances in the Prediction and Prevention of Marital Dysfunction
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Thomas Bradbury  
8. Narratives of Relationships - What We Need from One Another?
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Ruthellen Josselson  
9. Adaptation to Divorce: An Intercultural perspective
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Orna Cohen & Rivkah Soya  
10. Prosocial Behavior in Close Relationships - An Interdependence Analysis
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Caryl Rusbult  
11. The Career-Family Balance, Couple Relationships and Parenthood
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Ruth Feldman  
12. Appetitive and Aversive Processes in Everyday Relating
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Harry T. Reis  
13. Sexuality and Couple Relationships: An Evolutionary Dilemma
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Gurit Birnbaum  
14. An Existential Look at Relationships - Love, Courage and Tolerance
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Mario Mikulincer, Victor Florian & Gilad Hirschberger  

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