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4th Scientific Conference Abstracs

The 4th Scientific Conference of the Peleg-Bilig Center for the Study of Family Well-Being: Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Couple Relationships -- Theory, Research, and Therapeutic Implications

1. Father's Death during Childhood and Quality of Couple Relationships
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Rachel Levy-Shiff and Shlomit Lehman  
2. The Sense of Respect in Couple Relationships - Definition and Mapping of Experiential and Relational Components
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Mario Mikulincer and Orit Nachmias-Haimovitz  
3. Frequency of Marital Problems as Appearing in Couple Therapy -- Israeli Therapists' Perspective
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Victor Florian and Noa Vilchinsky  
4. Different Aspects of Difficulties in the Formation of Satisfactory and Stable Couple Relationships
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Alon Raz  
5. Contractual Agreements of Couple Relationships in the Israel Judicial System
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Shachar Lifshitz  
6. Marriage in a Small Community: Effects of Community Structure and Interdependence on Marital Patterns in the Kibbutz and Moshav
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Hadas Doron  
7. Effects of Deafness on couple and family relationships
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Miriam Levinger  
8. A Jungian Perspective of Couplehood
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Tamar Kron  
9. In Search of the "Lost" Other - Couple Relationships, Dreams, and Fantasy
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Mario Mikulincer  

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