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5th Scientific Conference Abstracs

The 5th Scientific Conference of the Peleg-Bilig Center for the Study of Family Well-Being: Research and Therapeutic Facets of Couple Relationships

1. The value system of couples and their relationship quality
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Mario Mikulincer and Victor Florian  
2. Attachment ans Sexuality: A diary experiment
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Gurit Birnbaum, Ayala Orpaz and Omri Gillath  
3. Commitment in couple relationship: The study of the phenomena from the perspective of the Attachment theory
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Orit Nachmias-Haimovits  
4. The relationship between couple's sexual script gaps and their sexual satisfaction
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Nachom Newsbaum  
5. Dealing with unemployment and it's consequences on symptoms of distress, marital relationship and the chance of finding a job
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Tali Ben-Dror  
6. Pair's support style in situations of spinal cord damage of one partner in midlife age
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Dvorit Gilad-Smalinskey  
7. "Keeping the Love": Theory and research on prevention and treatment interventions in young couples
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Rachel Levy-Shiff  
8. From Narcissism to intimacy
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Nachom Garzi  

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