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The Presidential Forum for Torah and Science Innovations

ספר תורה


Nitzotzot, the Presidential Forum for Torah and Science Innovations, brings together outstanding PhD students learning at the Ludwig and Erica Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies Beit Midrash with scholars from diverse research fields at the university.

The idea of Nitzotzot (Hebrew for “sparks”) is to elucidate how the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs challenge Torah thinking or shed light on halakhic and philosophical issues. The forum seeks to bring about a connection between Torah and science via discourse and listening.

The forum’s activities have expanded to include “Nitzotzot Shahar,” a seminar attended by some 20 doctoral candidates (men and women, religious and secular) from a variety of scientific fields and universities. The bi-monthly sessions include Torah study, a scientific lecture and practical work.

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