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The Bar-Ilan Campaign for the Jewish State


Innovation for Israel

Through the generosity of a community of bold thinkers and passionate Zionists, Bar-Ilan’s researchers and educators are effecting transformative change in areas critical to Israel’s security and the strength of its diverse society, and key to ensuring a generation of Israelis committed to timeless Jewish ideals

Strategic Priorities

Technological Advancement

Nanoscale Imaging Research
Thanks to a device capable of observing behavior at the nanoscale, physicist Beena Kalisky is revealing potential uses of the material world that our eyes keep hidden from sight.

Revitalized North

The Social and Precision-Medicine Health Equity and Research Endeavor
Bridging the gaps between research, communities, and clinical care can offer a new paradigm for reducing diabetes morbidity—in Israel’s North, and everywhere.

National Security

The Quantum Entanglement in Science and Technology Center
By investing in a research infrastructure for quantum science, we’re ensuring Israel’s ability to maintain its defensive edge.

Energy Independence

The National Initiative for Sustainable Energy
.By partnering with leaders in industry and hi-tech, we’re moving new energy technologies from the lab to the production line

Stronger Communities

The Music and Community Center
By using music therapy as a means of dialogue and empowerment for entire communities, we’re providing a new instrument for health planning and social cohesion.

Educated Citizens

Student Scholarships
When we help qualified students overcome financial barriers to a superb education, we give them the possibility of upward mobility and the potential to contribute to their country.

Our Campaign Leadership

Meet the individuals on campus and in communities around the world committed to helping Bar-Ilan’s vision for a secure, healthy, and prosperous Israel become a reality.