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The Permanent Committee

The Permanent Committee is responsible for the ongoing supervision of the implementation university policy and progarms and the decisions of the Board of Trustees and the Council of Trustees.

The Permanent Committee discusses and decides on all ongoing administrative matters in the periods between the Council of Trustees meetings. It functions as the committee of the university organization.

The Permanent Committee


Shlomo Zohar, Chairman

Reuven Adler

Avraham Blustein

Dr. Gil Deutsch

Adv. Tuvia Ehrlich

Adv. Moshe Naveh

Adv. Menachem Neeman

Moshe Podhorzer

Dr. Ehud Shapira

Prof. Yehuda Skornik

Adv. Asgad Stern

Dr. Deborah Strassburger

Prof. Uzi Vishne

Gil Weil

Prof. Arie Zaban, BIU President

Prof. Amnon Albeck, Rector