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University Administration

Board Members

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President Prof. Arie Zaban

Prof. Arie Zaban's bio >>

Rector Prof. Amnon Albeck

Prof. Amnon Albeck's bio >>

Chief Executive Officer Zohar Yinon

Zohar Yinon's bio >>

Deputy President Prof. Moshe Lewenstein

Prof. Moshe Lewenstein's bio >>

Vice President for Research Prof. Shulamit Michaeli Goldberg

Prof. Shulamit Michaeli Goldberg's bio >>

Vice President for Global Resources Dr. Sharon Goldman

Dr. Sharon Goldman's bio >>

Vice Rector Prof. Arie Reich

Prof. Arie Reich's bio >>

Chief Planning and Operations Officer Ofer Shragay

Ofer Shragay's bio >>

Chief Administration, Human Resources and Special Projects Officer Maor Pinko

Maor Pinko's bio >>

Chief Financial Officer Arnon Zait

Arnon Zait's bio >>

Chief Information Technology Officer Assael Movshovitz

Assael Movshovitz's bio >>

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Naama Gat
Legal Advisor Atty. Dror Frenkel

Atty. Dror Frenkel's bio >>

Head of Student Administration Ilanit Betit
Chief Learning Officer Yuval Shraibman

Yuval Shraibman bio >> 

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Gil Epstein

Prof. Gil Epstein's bio >>

Dean of Faculty of Exact Sciences Prof. Uzi Vishne

Prof. Uzi Vishne's bio >>

Dean of the Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences Prof. Doron Ginsberg

Prof. Doron Ginsberg's bio >>

Dean of Faculty of Jewish Studies Prof. Shmuel Refael

Dean Prof. Shmuel Refael's bio >>

Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Oren Perez

Dean Prof. Oren Perez's bio >>

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Prof. Eliezer Schlossberg

Prof. Eliezer Schlossberg's bio >>

Dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Prof. Karl Skorecki

Prof. Karl Skorecki's bio >>

Dean of the Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering Prof. Zeev Zalevsky

Prof. Zeev Zalevsky's bio >>

Head of the Interdisciplinary Studies Unit Prof. Gil Diesendruk

Prof. Gil Diesendruk's bio >>

Dean of the School of Graduate Studies Prof. Ronit Sarid

Prof. Ronit Sarid's bio >>

Dean of Students Prof. Nira Mishal

Prof. Nira Mishal's bio >>

Academic Secretary Dr. Rachel-Shelly Levy-Drummer

Dr. Rachel-Shelly Levy-Drummer's bio