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Innovative Teaching

Bar-Ilan University and its faculty members are committed to innovative and effective teaching at the highest level. Every year, hundreds of lecturers participate in workshops at the university’s Center for the Promotion of Teaching and acquire tools to maximize their teaching potential, including the use of illustrations in instruction, creating effective presentations, group guidance, increasing motivation, active teaching and many other topics. As part of this strategy, advanced teaching methods are implemented and interactive classrooms are being established.

למה בר אילן


The Center for the Promotion of Teaching provides personal counseling in order to adapt study tools to the unique pedagogical needs of each lecturer. The Office of the Vice Rector, which is responsible for teaching at the university, invests heavily in the Center for the Promotion of Teaching, whose representatives are in constant contact with similar centers of teaching in Israel and abroad, and hold conferences and seminars to share knowledge. 

סטודנטים לומדת


At Bar-Ilan, we understand that advanced teaching is a combination of personal skills and technological possibilities. Two innovative interactive learning spaces established on campus serve as a platform for advanced and experiential teaching for students and lecturers; during the COVID-19 lockdown, the university made a rapid and effective transition to online teaching through a distance learning platform that has already operated in the service of students and faculty. 

Every year, teaching surveys are conducted in the various courses that reflect the level of student satisfaction and serve as feedback for the lectures and the entire system. Outstanding lecturers receive recognition, with the highest honor being the Rector’s Award for Outstanding Lecturers.