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Honorary Doctorates & Prizes

Bar-Ilan University confers "Honorary Doctorate" degrees, "Presidential Awards of Distinction"  and "Lifetime Achievement Awards" to individuals who have made their mark in Israel and abroad, in science and culture, government and economy, Jewish education and defense, and other significant areas, as well as to devoted university friends who have contributed to its development and advancement.

The university also takes pride in the growing ranks of BIU scholars and scientists who have received the distinguished Israel Prize in recognition of their achievements.

טקס דוקטור לשם כבוד

Honorary Doctorates

An honorary doctorate degree (Honoris Causa) is an award attesting to the university’s appreciation of individuals for their social, scientific and artistic achievements.  Bar-Ilan University also awards this honor to organizations which have made a worthy contribution to society and the State of Israel.  Bar-Ilan University, as an academic institution that awards doctoral degrees (PhD and MD), is also authorized to award a doctorate honoris causa.  Honorary doctorate recipients are chosen by the BIU Senate committee, and the degrees are conferred annually at a festive ceremony in the presence of the Board of Trustees of Bar-Ilan University.

For the list of Honorary Doctorate recipients

שמעון פרס מקבל דקטור לשם כבוד

Presidential Award

The Presidential Award of Distinction was established in 2015 to honor the university’s friends and supporters from Israel and abroad for their contributions to Bar-Ilan University’s goals and development. In this way, the university each year expresses its appreciation to individuals who help advance the university, considering them an integral part of the Bar-Ilan University community.

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Israel Prize Recipients

Bar-Ilan University is proud of its growing ranks of faculty members who have received the coveted Israel Prize from the presidents of the State of Israel throughout the years. The prize was awarded to them in recognition of their research work, and for their scientific and intellectual contributions to academia in Israel and around the world.

For the list of Israel Prize recipients